Karsh Kale & Realize and Mercan Dede

Man, I am so tired. This is going to be difficult, but here goes:
Today, Dev came over around 3:00, and we took the metro to Pershing square. We saw Karsh Kale & Realize, which Dev and his friends had heard of before, and Mercan Dede. Karsh Kale & Realize are an Indian electronic band, and Mercan Dede is a Turkish electronic band. The concert was at California Plaza, and we met Dev’s friends Nishant and Avish there. Dev brought a water bottle of 80 proof “water” with us. We accidently sat in the handicapped section, which had the best seats, and after we noticed, we didn’t want to give them up. We sat in the very front row ^^;;. There were a lot of non-handicapped people in the section though, including the person next to me. Both bands were great, but I liked Mercan Dede a lot more. They had a beautiful dancer in the front. She had a large skirt on over her pants and would spin. The skirt rose up and formed waves. It was quite pretty. There were also lights on the performers, on the water, and being projected on to the surrounding apartment buildings. The whole thing was really gorgeous.
At intermission, after Dev and I made it to the bathroom and used it, he went to look for his friends. I walked around just to see the area. I attempted to walk a straight line between the tiles but failed. Even looking behind me at Nishant and Avish was difficult and interesting. (I’m new to this.)
Nishant’s dad gave us a ride to the metro station, where we took the red line to 7th/Metro. Dev didn’t even remember changing and kept asking me when we were gonna switch lines. There was a very friendly Native American guy who was probably drinking too. He held up his hand for no apparent reason, and we tried to high five each other. We missed the first time. There was also a cool guy in a multi-colored hat who was friendly. An asian dude in a red shirt kept laughing when Dev and I were talking. There was a white guy in a tie-dye shirt who started singing “It’s the End of the World” by REM for no reason that I could find. I had to hum along though. We finally found seats after a few stops, which was a relief. At one stop, I was trying to figure out where we were but couldn’t. The woman behind told me where we were. And the woman in front of us sort of held her head in a “oh God…” sort of where. When we reached Wardlow station, it was really difficult to get Dev awake. I stood up, and the guy in the multi-colored hat tipped his hat to me and smiled. On the way out, the asian dude in the red shirt laughed and wished me good luck. (Earlier, we had talked about making sure it didn’t look like we were drinking.) As we were crossing a street on the way back from Warlow Station, Dev decided he was going to wave to a car stopped at the light. Before he had a chance to, the driver waved at us. We waved back, and everybody laughed. Then, Dev kept waving back and giving thumbs up. The driver was very friendly ^^.
Also, there was a lot of fucking hot girls at the concert. A lot of them weren’t even what I’d usually consider attractive. I mean, I’d find them attractive, but I wouldn’t be attracted them. I also kept pointing them out to Dev loudly when they were in hearing range. I suppose I wasn’t myself.
And not to back-track again, but there was a small dancing area. The patrons dancing were all very amusing, lol. They weren’t very good at dancing.
I’m doing a lot better than Dev, who is now sleeping on my couch (I didn’t throw up), but man, it was an interesting night. There’s a first time for everything, I suppose. I’m used to going to bed around 6:00 or 7:00 AM, but I think I’ll goto sleep soon. I might watch Donnie Darko again because the movie’s already so fucked up, I might as well watch it like this.