Water is very tasty. Feeling a bit better.
All of my e-mail is sorted now. I have a huge, complex web of rules now to help sort incoming email. Mail being sent to my UCI account goes in the ‘UCI’ folder. Mail from certain UCI addresses (official stuff from them) goes in the ‘UCI’ folder. Mail with ‘[Titans04]’ in the subject go to the ‘Titans 04 Group’ folder. Mail from certain addresses goes in the ‘Personal’ folder. Mail being sent to specific addresses (because I receive anything sent to my domain / sub-domain) goes to ‘Junk E-mail’. Mail being sent from certain addresses goes to ‘Junk E-mail’. It’s working a lot better than before, but the default stuff wasn’t working well enough. Hopefully this’ll all work.
Wow, this was a lot easier to write than that last entry an hour ago.