Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

Wow, this was really great. I’m glad to finally see it. I a short scene from Little Shop of Horrors done by CAMS Drama a couple years back, downloaded the album, and have loved it ever since. I assumed that I’d love the movie if I loved all the songs. Knowing that no one was within hearing distance of me, I sung (badly) along with the movie for all the songs. The scenes between songs were a great length. Before seeing it, I was worried that there’d be too much time between songs, but that wasn’t so. Rick Moranis played Seymour very well, and I enjoyed Steve Martin as the sadistic dentist, Orin. And Bill Murray played Arthur Denton. Interesting.
Jasmine IMed me while I was watching it and was planning on seeing it at the Ahmanson Theatre in L.A. Coincidences. I’d enjoy going to see it.