Get Together Goodness

First, Jaysen almost hit a bicycle rider while turning right. It was fucking great. He almost got 10 points. Almost. I tried to wave in an apologetic sort of way, but I think it just came off as a “fuck you” wave, you know? el oh elz. And then Jaysen, Joseph, and I saw Mr. Jett when he pulled up next to us. Mr. Jett is the sexiest Jett I know. tru.dat. And I didn’t realize until after we pulled away that Joseph was wearing his bandana. Good times.
Okay, and I almost forgot. We saw this old lady next to us at a stop light. I wanted to do something funny to her but couldn’t decide what so I eventually just started spasming and making noises. I’m hoping I didn’t give her a heart attack.
We got here, found Carberry, and waited for Herbert. Eventually he called Jaysen, and I took the phone. Herbert was sleeping. He had a headache and decided to take a nap. It’s so… expected of him. We decided to change the time to 7:40 because he wouldn’t be able to make it in time. He calls back about twenty minutes later to inform us that his mom said he’s not allowed to go to the Galleria and that we have to go to Lakewood. I told him to tell his mom okay and just come to the Galleria. That was about a half hour or so ago, and he should be here by now. He isn’t. Typical. LAX, perhaps?