Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

Two stoners, one a Korean investment banker and the other an Indian (like… from India…) med-student, crave White Castle and attempt to get there. But they have a hell of a lot of trouble. Yet another stupid comedy, and a very funny one at that. I think this was much better than Anchorman. They meet a man named “Freak Show,” almost score with a few different women, ride a cheetah, and do a lot of other crazy shit. The movie also plays on many, many racial stereotypes. A great movie.
Of course, no one else will see the greatest part of the movie. During a medical scene, Herbert leaned so far forward that I thought he was going to leap into the next row. It was amazing. I know he wants to be a doctor but… fuck… it’s Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.”
Oh, and Kumar kept making me think of Dev.
Definitely worth ticket price.