Galleria & Alyssa’s

Yesterday, Chris picked me up, then Alyssa, and then we went to the Galleria. Alyssa tried to direct us, but sent us to the wrong mall. Then, Alyssa’s friend, Jennifer, wanted to go so Chris picked her up too. We got to the mall and walked in next to the Forever 21 so we stopped in to talk to Jennifer Damm (too many Jennifers). We then went to the food court where we tested Chris’s wi-fi and just hung out. I played some games and watched Scrubs. And Chris bought me a hamburger! He wanted to wait to bid on a backpack so the girls left us in the food court. A few people complimented me on my laptop, and I saw one guy who complimented me last week. We ran into Herbert, Hanah, and Sam there, too. Herb tried to help me get MT working, but we couldn’t do it. Eventually, they took off, and we did soon after after saying good bye to Good Jennifer.
While getting in the car, I got to know Bad Jennifer a little better. She believes all cussing is bad. She’s a ignorant, loyal Catholic. It’s not really her fault, and I don’t mean to put her down. She tries to be very… good and Catholic but messes up. Anyways, we ended up talking about masturbation and pornography. Good times. Chris dropped her off at her Aunt’s house about a block from Herbert’s house, and then we went to Alyssa’s house. We watched Riding in Cars with Boys. The room was pretty full with Chris, Amanda, Mike (Amanda’s boyfriend), Alyssa, Russell (Alyssa’s boyfriend), Alyson, Andrew (their brother), and myself. It was a good movie, I thought, and I enjoyed hanging out with most of them.
We started to leave but ended up watching Alyssa dance in the street. She’s a lot of fun. Then, there were lots of hugs. Finally, we made it out of there, and Chris and I went to Taco Bell. We ate it at home around midnight because the restaurant was closed. I’m full now ^_^
I don’t know about this trip. We’d be cutting it close, and I’d be missing out on saying goodbye to a lot of people. We’ll see. And I don’t know if I’m going bowling today because Jaysen wasn’t online. And… San Diego Thursday? Okay, bye.