I got a good hour and a half of sleep before orientation. Jaysen picked me up and we listened to Frou Frou on the way to UCI. Breakfast sucked. Just lots of breads. We then went to a large room where we were barely able to hear a couple speakers. They did give an overview of enrolling, which I think was helpful. Then, we broke up into small discussion groups. We hardly discussed anything at all, but we did play some fun games. The staff was interesting. There was a cute chick with glasses that was cool, a weird guy, a skater guy, the girl who has tried girl-on-girl, lol. The games were lame but fun I guess. I just think it wasn’t that needed. After that, it was lunch time. Lunch was tasty. I got my ID card. I made sure not to smile. I don’t look good happy. I never look good, but smiling just makes me worse. While waiting for lunch time to end, I played Doom 3.
We broke into our fields of study after lunch. There was sort of a… dance off… between the leader-people of each major. Engineering so won, lol. It was funny to see. This was the most helpful part of the day especially since I got some placement test questions answered. It also seemed that the rules for the school of engineering are different than the rules given earlier. I don’t know if every school is like that or not. Some parts were kind of dumb though. “If you try hard, you will succeed. You will all succeed. But only 54% of those going into engineering will graduate. But don’t worry, you’ll do it. But half will fail. But you won’t fail don’t worry.” I don’t know what they were trying to do. By the way, the counselor was hot.
The housing tour wasn’t all that great either. I’ve seen the dorms on my own before. The racial make-up of UCI will take getting used to. It’s almost entirely whites and asians. And there were hot girls everywhere. I couldn’t point them all out to Jaysen, lol. But everything looks better in that area. The campus and surroundings is very pretty in my opinion. ^_^ With orientation out of the way, we drove around Irvine listening to No Doubt. I fell asleep on the drive back to LA county. It was amazing. I fall asleep surrounded by beauty and wake up surrounded by ugliness. Anyways, then we went and got Joseph.
The three of us ate dinner at Taco Bell and then just drove around a bit. We played Yaz – Situation (the song with the words “move out” from that classic NES GBA commercial) at max volume, throwing our heads around and banging on the car. It’s fun to be stupid in front of people. We wanted to watch Gay Niggers From Outer Space but wanted to go somewhere. We called Alex, but he’s never around (like I always say) so we went to Christine’s. I’m glad I got to see her. I’m really gonna miss her. At her house, I played Doom 3, made fun of other countries during the Olympics, and laughed a lot. Christine gave me a picture she drew and an autographed pad o.O. Once it was about 11, it was time to get going.
We played Situation again very loudly when pulling up to a red light. There was a woman in a car in the next lane but farther up trying to make a call. I slowly turned the music up. Joseph started thumping the side of the car. Jaysen started pulling the car further up. The woman looked at us and drove further up. We did too. Good times. Joseph pointed out that Jaysen’s car needs hydraulics for this kind of shit. What we need is to get a bunch of the same car, all blaring the same strange techno-ish 80s music, all with hydraulics. Yes. We so need that.