Random Stuff

On Saturday, my dad picked up Linh-Nam and took us to Carberry’s house. I sent Carberry all of my music, and Linh-Nam installed Doom 3. I played Doom 1 while Nam played Doom 3. I couldn’t play it while transferring all those files, lol. Linh-Nam’s laptop… it doesn’t render the light correctly. The static lights work fine, including those that flicker. The “solid” light at the tip of the flashlight works. By solid lights, I mean the light that appears as solid white. But the light that actually comes out of the flashlight doesn’t work. In other words, nothing gets illuminated. I know my terminology isn’t very good. Go IM Chris if you need the correct terms, because I’m sure he knows them. Anyways, I think this’ll make playing D3 very difficult for Linh-Nam.
On the way home from Carberry’s, my dad and I were driving in the slow lane of the freeway. Someone to the right of us on the shoulder was driving. But he was driving in the wrong direction. It was interesting. There was a bike behind us, too. That must be a little scary. I looked back and the car drove past him going the wrong way, and they were pretty close.
Yesterday, Sunday, I woke up at 12:30 because my mom came to get James. I said “hi” and whatnot and then went back to my room. I played a game or two of UT2004 and watched Chobits. Man… I finished it… good series. Very good. I’ll write a review sometime. Not now. I went back to sleep around 3 or 4 and woke up at 7:30 or so. Around 9:30, my dad and I went out for dinner. We went downtown but ended up just eating at a Hoff’s Hut. Very large dinner. Very tasty. I noticed right away that our waitress was very cute. Later, my dad said that she was kind of cute. That kind of surprised me. Everybody that knows me knows that I like filipina girls, but he normally only likes tall, large breasted, white chicks. Anyways, we got back around midnight. Okay, I guess that’s all.