Registered for some classes today. CSE21 wasn’t a hard decision. It sounds like stuff I’ve covered but not in an AP or college class. Still, I’ve hardly covered it. I signed up for Mathematics 2D, multivariable calculus. This was slightly harder to figure out, because I had to check what math classes the calculus at CAMS covered. As for physics… well, according to the sample program of study for my major, I should take Physics 7A in the fall, Physics 7B in the winter, and Physics 7D in the spring. Physics 7A covers units, vectors, motion, momentum, and force. Physics 7B covers energy, rotation, and gravity. Physics 7D covers electricity and magnetism. It seems like PHY130 and PHY132 at CSUDH covered all these topics. But the sample program had no other physics courses in it. I’ll call that counselor person later today to ask her opinion. For anyone’s reference, I signed up for courses 14150, 14151, 44304, and 44305.
Played Doom 3 a bit more today. Good stuff.
Almost filled out a form for UCI. Almost. Need to figure out a third reference. Besides the health stuff (vaccinations and what not), this is the last form I need to do. And it was probably due already.
I’m going to Christine’s today and then to Alex’s mini-LAN party. San Diego trip is planned for Thursday but might be Wednesday. I might have to hurry home from Alex’s to shower, etc.