Christine’s and Alex’s

I went to Christine’s house yesterday. Fun stuff. Linh-Nam and Cheryl were also there. Christine got sick as usual. I played Doom 3. I burned it for Christine, and Linh-Nam installed it for her. I had to talk to Denise Earley, my counselor, about classes, but I got it all taken care of. I do not like Christine moving away. That’s probably the last time I’ll see her for a while 🙁
Cheryl drove me home in her new Matrix. It’s nice ^^ She could tell which house was mine by the roof. My dad drove me to Alex’s house, where Linh-Nam was already. It was fun. We watched Kill Bill, played Doom 3, ate food. Linh-Nam and I played Unreal Tournament 2004. I beat him both rounds ^_^. Nam left around 12:30. Later, Alex and I watched Donnie Darko and the deleted scenes. He hadn’t seen it before. I hadn’t seen it enough o_O.
And I still can’t find Garden State to download. Makes Peter sad.