Christine’s, Bowling, Junk

Yesterday, Chris picked me up, and we went to Christine’s house. Grant was already there. We hung out for a while. It was fun seeing Grant again, and I’m glad I got to see Christine one last time before she left. Saying good bye was difficult. Despite me being me, she gave me a hug.
We were 40 minutes late to go bowling, but Jaysen was the only one there. Joseph showed up soon after. Herbert didn’t go bowling because he slept through it. The scores were as follows:

Name Entered Name Score 1 Score 2 Score 3
Joseph CDR 66 62 116
Peter MAJ 63 86 40
Jaysen S SRG 62 54 94
Chris SRG 28 91 59

Terrible game for me.
Then, we went out to eat. I had two tacos like usual. Very tasty. Herbert joined us. Afterwards, we went to CAMS, Baskin Robbins, and to a liquor store. We needed to find somewhere to hang out so we went to Joseph’s house and hung out in the parking lot until we were done. Herbert and Jaysen went home, and Chris and I joined Joseph in his room. I had a lot of fun. I need to go to Joseph’s more often. Not that I’m inviting myself or anything… he needs to invite me. Hint. Hint. At a little past midnight, Chris took me home.