Herbert was going to take me to Gable House today, but his mom held him back until six. I went with Jaysen. Jaysen, Joseph, and I bowled, and Jennifer hung out with us. The scores are as follows:

Name Entered Name Score 1 Score 2 Score 3
Joseph CDR 113 111 161
Peter MAJ 62 95 74
Jaysen SRG 48 56 97

Then, we played DDR, and I sucked. Jennifer beat Joseph in Need for Speed GT, I beat Jaysen, and then Jennifer beat me.
At dinner, Alex and Herbert joined us. Afterwards, we went back to Gable House. I played DDR with Herbert, sucking again, and then, we went back to Need for Speed GT. Jennifer beat Herbert, but I beat Jennifer this time.
Herbert wanted to go to some World War II store, but it was closed. We then went to Joseph’s to hang out in his parking lot before finally returning home.