Gravitation is a really good series. It’s about a young man named Shuichi who’s in a new band called Bad Luck. While in a park, Shuichi drops a piece of paper with the lyrics to one of his songs on it. A man picks them up and tells Shuichi that they’re horrible. Shuichi learns that his name is Yuki and falls in love with him. There are a lot of twists of plot and emotion, and it’s surprising how many people are connected to each other.
The style of the show is very fun. It’s very serious sometimes, but also switches to a cartoonish style for parts. Shuichi and Ryuichi both act cute and childish at times, which is very amusing. Characters wear bunny, dog, luggage, cans and many other types of costumes. Very strange. Character development for Shuichi and Yuki is good. Most other characters don’t actually develop, but information about them is released that’s vital to the plot.
The ending is a little ambiguous, and parts of the plot move too fast. In one episode Shuichi falls in love, realizes he’s in love, realizes it’s okay to love a male, and kisses Yuki. Nevertheless, the show is very good.