Linh-Nam on Pants

[08/26-20:46] Linh-nam: WHAT
[08/26-20:46] TheUser: ?
[08/26-20:46] Linh-nam: THRER ARE NO MORE CLEAN PANTS
[08/26-20:47] TheUser: OR PLATES
[08/26-20:47] TheUser: T_T
[08/26-20:47] Linh-nam: TIME TO SCAVANGE DRYER
[08/26-21:02] Linh-nam: pants are still drying
[08/26-21:02] Linh-nam: T_T
[08/26-21:02] TheUser: yay for dry pants
[08/26-21:04] Linh-nam: PANTS ARENT DRY YET
[08/26-21:05] TheUser: yay for dry pants
[08/26-21:05] Linh-nam: I WILL YAY WHEN THEY ARE DRY
[08/26-21:05] TheUser: yay
[08/26-21:05] TheUser: do you need pants if you’re in the house? I don’t have any pants >_>
[08/26-21:06] Linh-nam: i like wearing pants
[08/26-21:06] Linh-nam: when im pantless i feel lost
[08/26-21:06] TheUser: zomg
[08/26-21:06] Linh-nam: and then i dont want to get dirty
[08/26-21:06] Linh-nam: since i dont have pants on
[08/26-21:06] TheUser: it’s like a taco
[08/26-21:06] Linh-nam: waste of a shower
[08/26-21:06] TheUser: Hm
[08/26-21:06] TheUser: that’s funny actually
[08/26-21:06] TheUser: I think the other way arond
[08/26-21:06] TheUser: around
[08/26-21:06] Linh-nam: pants make you dirty?
[08/26-21:06] TheUser: I don’t want to get my clothes dirty if I’m not around other people so I keep then clean until I need to
[08/26-21:07] Linh-nam: pants make me clean
[08/26-21:07] TheUser: I make pants dirty
[08/26-21:07] TheUser: lol
[08/26-21:07] Linh-nam: lol
[08/26-21:07] Linh-nam: i have home pants
[08/26-21:07] Linh-nam: which i dont wear outside
[08/26-21:07] TheUser: ah… interesting
[08/26-21:07] TheUser: go look at latest webpageless post
[08/26-21:08] Linh-nam: better not be about me being pantless…
[08/26-21:08] TheUser: not yet