I had a dream that I went to a magic shop (actual magic) with a group of friends. Then, we went to some school. We ran into this group of people who hated us. Robby, who was with us, said something, and a guy from the other group made fun of him. I punched up, and we started fighting. Then, someone else from my group fought another guy from the other group. Some woman blew a whistle and looked at us. I stood up, pulled the guy I was fighting up, and told him to tell her that he was okay. He did. Then, I commanded a girl from the other group to pick up the other guy, her friend, and have him do the same. She did, and the guy complied. I then noticed how hot the girl was. I told her, and she responded by telling me that she was thirteen. I sort of got confused, and then woke up.