Zypher on Dorm Life

[8/30][08:43:13] <@Zypher> after the dorms were open for 4 days, there had been at least 1 person who threw up due to alcohol, 1 case of alcohol poisoning, a group of guys who tried to hold fight club, and one of the elevators got broken
[8/30][08:43:24] <@Zypher> thats just in my dorm
[8/30][09:07:28] <@TU> More importantly, what have you done?
[8/30][09:12:25] <@Zypher> nothing that stupid
[8/30][09:15:51] <@TU> You should cast spells on them. And stuff.
[8/30][09:26:28] <@Zypher> things without an intelligence score are immune to mind effecting spells
[8/30][09:26:50] <@TU> actually laughing out loud