A guy named Dwayne calls me tonight, saying that he’s a friend of Michael’s. I inquire as to which one, and he says Michael Wandrey. He’s the little brother of Melissa, a girl I know through Chris Brine. Anyways, Dwayne confirms that I went to CAMS and that I went to Cabrillo High School for Spanish in the summer after freshman year, and it’s then that I realize he was a guy I hung out with in that class. It’s been a long time. Apparently Mike and Melissa were talking about me, and he figured it was the same Peter. He asked if I talked openly about porn and stuff, and when he got an affirmative answer, he was convinced it was me.
I hardly know Mike and Melissa… I was shocked to hear from Dwayne again. He told me a little about two other guys I knew from the class. One got into gang life, and the other moved away. Dwayne injured his spine in an attempt to do a trick on rollerblades. It’s really changed his life. He was in a coma, had memory loss, and was in the hospital for a year in a half. He’s going to school now, and he seems to be doing well academically. Hopefully, I’ll hang out with him next week or something.