Monthly Archives: September 2004


Man, I’ve been having a great time. I got to get to know most of suitemates on the weekend since my roommates went home. They’re all really cool. Jon set up a dedicated UT2004 server and FTP using his old parts and my old parts. I have a parts sign out sheet now. Hm… cable hooked up to the tv now. It’s nice. Will’s dad is mayor of Palm Springs. Isn’t that awesome? I looked up Zori’s info on the UCI site, and she’s from Palm Springs. Hm… let’s see what else… been meeting friends of people I meet… so now I know even more people. My writing teacher seems nice but… I don’t know about that class. I really like my calculus instructor though. There’s a lot of hw already, but it’s not so bad, I guess. And everyone seems to be going to sleep on me so perhaps I will too.


[09/27-23:42] TheUser: pillows are soft
[09/27-23:42] Allison: why yes, yes they are
[09/27-23:42] Allison: and bathroom floors are dirty
[09/27-23:42] Allison: or at least the ones around here are
[09/27-23:42] Allison: lol
[09/27-23:42] TheUser: That’s exactly why I sleep on a pillow and not on a bathroom floor
[09/27-23:42] TheUser: lol
[09/27-23:43] Allison: lol
[09/27-23:43] Allison: very wise decision
[09/27-23:51] TheUser: Tell Rebecca that I want to eat her and absorb her knowledge
[09/27-23:52] Allison: she says “Ok i dont have that much knowledge”
[09/28-00:07] TheUser: I like things that are soft
[09/28-00:08] Allison: lol
[09/28-00:08] Allison: just like babies
[09/28-00:08] TheUser: In general, I do… soft is good
[09/28-00:09] TheUser: you mean babies like soft things or babies are soft?
[09/28-00:09] Allison: lol
[09/28-00:09] Allison: i guess it works both ways
[09/28-00:09] TheUser: babies are smart dude
[09/28-00:09] TheUser: they do things off of instinct
[09/28-00:10] TheUser: instinct should be used more often. People say you shouldn’t just act, you should think about it… but they’re wrong. You should just follow your heart but then knowledge gets in the way…. it blocks people from functioning correctly… and then we get this society we live in today
[09/28-00:11] TheUser: Plus, babies like soft things
[09/28-00:11] TheUser: bunnies are soft
[09/28-00:11] TheUser: man I liked Lenny
[09/28-00:12] Allison: lol
[09/28-00:12] Allison: wow so many random thoughts but its all connected
[09/28-00:12] TheUser: ^____^
[09/28-00:17] Allison: do you like candy?
[09/28-00:17] Allison: apparently Rebecca is trying to get rid of hers
[09/28-00:17] Allison: lol
[09/28-00:17] TheUser: some… but a lot of candy is too strong and ends up hurting my teeth anyways
[09/28-00:17] TheUser: Getting rid of candy?!?
[09/28-00:17] TheUser: zomg!
[09/28-00:18] Allison: i know
[09/28-00:19] Allison: she doesnt like salt water taffy
[09/28-00:19] Allison: so she and gemma are walking around the suite
[09/28-00:19] Allison: giving out candy like its halloween
[09/28-00:19] TheUser: What’s salt water taffy?
[09/28-00:19] TheUser: Is it yumy taffy?
[09/28-00:19] TheUser: Isn’t that Roda?
[09/28-00:19] TheUser: I like Roda
[09/28-00:19] Allison: and the funny thing is that the candy is in a bucket with a witch on it
[09/28-00:19] Allison: lol
[09/28-00:19] Allison: yes its taffy
[09/28-00:19] Allison: and yes that’s Roda
[09/28-00:19] Allison: lol
[09/28-00:19] TheUser: I don’t really know what taffy is though
[09/28-00:19] TheUser: Unless it’s simply Roda
[09/28-00:24] Allison: oh man rebecca busted out with Vanilla Ice!
[09/28-00:24] Allison: lol
[09/28-00:24] TheUser: ahaha
[09/28-00:24] TheUser: awesome
[09/28-00:24] Allison: out of nowhere the song plays and she starts rapping
[09/28-00:24] Allison: that was so random
[09/28-00:25] Allison: yet very VERY amusing

Assorted Stuff

I’ve been busy. It seems like there are friends and people I know everywhere. We had our hall photos today. I bought an 8×10 formal and an 8×10 non-formal. I finally turned in my health forms. Gemma and I had dinner in Brandywine and then went to cheer Will on in the DDR competition. He did well but didn’t win. Then, we went to her orientation reunion. I went over to Judy and Roda’s. Judy was out, but Alex B. and Allison were there. Later, Judy and Gemma joined us. We talked for a while, making fun of people walking by and other crap, and watched a lot of game shows on Nick GAS. I got back here around 4:20, took a shower, and here I am. Okay, I’m gonna go do some reading.

Visiting Roda and Judy, Dinner with Gemma and Warren

After eating lunch, my mom, Pete, and James came to give me money, hangers, and a few other things. Jaysen, Toni, and I then went to Target because I wanted to pick up a few things, including Risk: Lord of the Rings edition and Super Mario Bros. for GBA. When we got back, we had to go to a very boring hall meeting.
At 8:50, Judy asked me to stop by so we went to their place. We didn’t know how to get to Mesa Court so we just kind of started walking. We eventually got there but had trouble locating the building. Most of the Mesa Court people were having a scavenger hunt… they were running around everywhere… scary x_x. And we got hit with the sprinklers. But we found Roda and Judy, and I really enjoyed hanging out with them. (Middle Earth > Mesa Court).
I got back to Evenstar to find Gemma playing ping pong here with Warren. We decided to walk down to Jack-in-the-Box for dinner. Warren attempted to rebuild a potato out of fries. It was funny. And then we came back… hung out at her place for a few minutes… and then I got back at 1:50 or so. And I’m tired. Bye.

Move In

I moved in. It was a lot of work. But now I’m happy. I met a lot of people who seemed pretty cool, and I got SP2 and my USB ports working. Good times. Gotta figure out how to pirate… not good times. But it’s okay because overall… good times.
Irvine gave every student Microsoft Office OneNote 2003. It’s a program for taking notes. I haven’t really fooled around with it much. Seems interesting. My mom’s coming today at 2:00 PM.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (damn, what a name!) was a really cool movie. It takes place in the 1930s. Sky Captain, or Joe, and Polly, a newspaper reporter, travel around the world to determine the reason for recent robot attacks. I think the tone of the movie is great. The 1930s New York City is very cool… the planes from the era… it even reminded me of some of the old time radio shows. Mixed in with things from the era are futuristic things of course. There are many types of robots in use, but they’re industrial and mechanical looking, as was common in older ideas of robots rather than the more modern “smooth” look. The airships in the movie are fantastic in my opinion, and I’ve always had a fascination with such things (I still dream about the gardens from Final Fantasy VIII from time to time). There’s a British-controlled aerial Mobile Landing Strip that’s pretty cool. There are also amphibious planes, which are planes and submarines. Sky Captain also has a lot of references to other movies. I’m sure I missed a great deal of them. The graphics are superb. I’ve heard people complain about the amount of CG, but I thought it was great. The plot wasn’t great, but the whole movie had a sort of corny feel to it because the movie had an old-fashioned tone. This made the plot fitting. Anyways, I think a lot of people will hate this movie so don’t take my word for it. I just thought it was pretty cool.

Sky Captain with Nam, Chris, Cheryl, and Gian

I have to speculate that God himself did make us into corresponding shapes like puzzle pieces from the clay.
I saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow last night. I got to the theater first and bought tickets for myself, Gian, and Cheryl. When Chris got there, he bought his ticket and one for Linh-Nam. When Cheryl and Gian got there, they went to buy food so we gave them their tickets and Nam’s ticket, and Chris and I got seats. The movie was good, but I’ll put a review in its own entry.
I saw Jon inside. He didn’t say anything, but he did tap my ass as he walked past me. After the movie, the five us went to Islands for dinner. We ate and then talked for hours.
Come down now, they will say.
We talked about all sorts of stuff after dinner. Perhaps we talked about sex and masturbation a bit too loud. And I was talking racist in front of a black woman. Whoops. I think Cheryl was taking photos of our crotches under the table. She also said she had something I could borrow for my Princess Toadstool costume. I didn’t really understand what it was, but yay! Gian peed once before dinner and twice during. Amazing.
Don’t wake me, I plan on sleeping in.
I had my leg inbetween Nam’s, and then I put my arm around him, but he slid over to get away. I sort of fell over in the seat and tried grabbing his ass so he got all the way out of the booth, pulling me over on my side. I was sort of upside down now, and when I looked up, I was eye level with his crotch. He jumped back. Good times.
“I can’t accept that it’s over and will block the door like a goalie tending the net in the third quarter of a tied-game rivalry so just say how to make it right, and I swear I’ll do my best to comply. Tell me, am I right to think that there could be nothing better than making you my bride and slowly growing old together?” “I feel I must interject here. You’re getting carried away feeling sorry for yourself with these revisions and gaps in history…”
While talking about masturbation, someone came up with going to sperm banks to masturbate. And I demonstrated with a ketchup bottle for Cheryl. Plus, the idea of a “poop buddy” is very amusing. Or maybe just the phrase is. At around 12:45, we left, and Linh-Nam took me back to his place where my dad picked me up. I got home around 1:30, fooled around, and then… wrote this.
It was really nice to spend my last night before UCI with such great friends. It’s funny… I really got a lot closer to the four of them this past year. I’ll miss them. I really hope we don’t drift too much although I know we will. Still… I didn’t see much of them this summer, and we’re still alright. Gian, I’m guessing you’ll read this before Cheryl does so make sure she plans whatever it is she’s planning for October! I’ll miss ya guys.


The power went out last night. Dad didn’t pay the bill. After a lot of confusion between him and the Edison today, the power came on at 4:14 this afternoon. I didn’t have power in my laptop either because the power went out while I was sleeping, and Zot was still on. On the subject of computers, Lambcow still doesn’t work.