[9/06][16:56:16] <@TU> I have to pee again
[9/06][16:56:28] <@TU> I swear… I keep peeing but then like every fucking day it comes back
[9/06][16:56:30] <@TU> >_>
[9/06][16:56:42] <@Zypher>
[9/06][16:57:12] <@TU> You know, when we invent teleportation, the best part of it will be that we can attach little teleportation gates to the tips of our penisses so we can pee into them and the pee would be teleported to the toilet.
[9/06][16:57:13] <@TU> Yes.
[9/06][16:57:45] <@Zypher> damn thats a great idea
[9/06][16:57:49] <@Zypher> seriously
[9/06][16:57:52] <@TU> but until then… yeah brb
[9/06][16:57:56] <@taiji> O_o
[9/06][16:58:02] <@Zypher> thats a great idea
[9/06][16:58:04] <@Zypher> hahaha
[9/06][16:58:10] <@taiji> why not skip the toilet?
[9/06][16:58:18] <@Zypher> sloth is the mother of invention
[9/06][16:58:18] <@taiji> it can go straight to the sewers
[9/06][16:58:38] <@Zypher> man that’d kick ass
[9/06][16:59:59] <@TU> Wait wait wait wait
[9/06][17:00:05] <@TU> Fuck sewers
[9/06][17:00:08] <@TU> you could put it anywhere
[9/06][17:00:15] <@TU> straight to some ugly chick’s car
[9/06][17:00:19] <@Zypher> yes!
[9/06][17:00:22] <@Zypher> haha
[9/06][17:00:24] <@TU> straight to your terrible teacher’s house
[9/06][17:00:25] <@TU> whatever
[9/06][17:00:27] <@TU> lol;
[9/06][17:00:33] <@Zypher> this is will be the best technology EVER
[9/06][17:00:39] <@TU> tru.dat
[9/06][17:00:41] <@Zypher> -is
[9/06][17:00:53] <@taiji> >_>
[9/06][17:00:53] <@Zypher> got a little ahead of myself there
[9/06][17:01:04] <@taiji> lol
[9/06][17:01:05] <@TU> lol