Life’s Pretty Tuff

I accidently saved this post as a draft instead of publishing it. Here it is:
After the next couple days, I don’t want to be anywhere near another computer of Joe’s ever again. It seems like the computer stops somewhere before the memory test, while displaying the name of the BIOS and such. Sometimes, what’s displayed it cut off (mid-phrase). It doesn’t like booting right after being shut down. You have to wait a bit (2 minutes, perhaps). The first motherboard and CPU weren’t compatible with eachother so this is the second motherboard. God, it couldn’t be bad too can it? And of course, I don’t have a working OS installed on my HDD. I’ll have to get boot floppies and find a CD after I wake up.
I have to mail those health forms in or something. Or at least look at them. I think it may have said they have to be in before classes start. If that’s the case, I can turn them in by hand after getting to school. I’m looking forward to school (but not class).
I have a strong urge to play classic Super Mario Bros.
Joe thinks I should be the Princess for Halloween, with Toni and Jay as Mario and Luigi respectively.
I’m going to sleep now again. Sleep is good, but it’s always followed by that crappy awakening. I’ll write soon about my musical dream of antisemitic aliens and my dream about the tigers, flying, brain-washed people, zombies, secret store for the elite, and Samuel. I hope I don’t forget these.

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