Computer of d00m

[9/12][21:11:47] <@LostBurner> what computer are you working on, Joe’s?
[9/12][21:12:39] <@TU> Well, Joe has the legal ownership of it. I have physical possession of it. But I think it simply belongs to Satan now.
I created a boot floppy in an attempt to reinstall an OS, but I can’t get the computer to boot off of the floppy drive. It goes to the hard drive no matter what. Now, sometimes when I try to boot it, things power up, but nothing is displayed. However, after clearing the CMOS (and letting it sit at least a minute since the last shutdown), it always displays something even if the boot fails. I found a BIOS update that was released with the following description: “Fixed some DRAM can’t boot only after clear CMOS.” That’s not exactly phrased wonderfully, but that might be describing what’s going on. However, I can’t even get to the floppy. I also don’t trust the computer to stay stable long enough for me to flash the BIOS. Linh-Nam’s been keeping me sane while I complain to him. This is stressing me out a lot, and I’m barely handling it. He said I could bring it to his house today, and he’ll help me with it. I hope we get somewhere.