Gonzales, Joe, Linh-Nam, Gian, Chris

I’m very tired. Yesterday, I went to Fry’s with Gonzales to pick up more memory. I visit Fry’s often now, it seems. When we got done, it was around four o’clock so we went to a Korean BBQ place that we’ve been to before. It’s all you can eat and very tasty. I was full for a long time after that. I put the RAM in and turned on the computer, but it didn’t work. I didn’t fool around with any yet because I had Joe’s computer to worry about.
Today, Joe’s dad called me, making very little sense. He wanted Joseph to come be with the computer basically. He was dropped off at my house, and we went to Linh-Nam’s. We got there around 12:30. All sorts of stuff was going wrong. We eventually got the BIOS updated, but it still was working like poop. Linh-Nam had to get going around 3:30 so we called Jon. He didn’t have any advice, and was unable to get together but recommended we call Ryo. Ryo wasn’t home and was probably still in school. We called Gian, and he said we could come over. Linh-Nam gave Joe and I ride over there.
Gian and I fooled around (we fooled around together zomg hhahahhahaa) with Joe’s computer and his computer for a while. Eventually, we got pretty convinced that the RAM in Joe’s was bad. Gian drove us to Joe’s house to pick up his HDD, and then we had a Taco Bell lunch. Windows 98 didn’t want to see the CD-ROM drive so we decided to upgrade Windows. However, he lacked any Windows CDs besides 95. We called Jon, but he wasn’t home. We called Ryo… Joe was pretty funny talking to his family, but Ryo wasn’t home. But Chris was! So… we went to Chris’s house. Chris joined the party! Windows XP obtained! Yes, the day was truly like a video game. Grand Computer Repair (like GTA only so much better)! Throughout the day we had been in Long Beach, Carson, Harbor City, Torrance, and Wilmington. Okay, so back at Gian’s house it was like a zomg computer repair party. And we watched the Super Mario World cartoon followed by some Queer Eye. Chris’s XP CD was only an upgrade but Gian came to the rescue with 95 CD. So all was well. Since Joe’s computer wouldn’t boot from the CD, we installed XP on Joe’s HDD in Gian’s computer. Then, we put it back in Joe’s computer and everything worked fine when using Gian’s RAM. However, it wouldn’t boot with his own RAM. So, we need to exchange RAM… get a XP Home activation crack… and install Office. Quite the adventure. Quite fun. I like how that was the first time I had been to Gian’s house, lol. Around 9:30, Gian drove Joe and I to Joe’s house. I had some soda, was given cheese cake, and driven home by Joe’s mom. Joseph’s dad’s going to pick me up at 10:00 tomorrow. This is some sort of anti-Peter-sleep conspiracy. We’re going to go to some small computer store, get new RAM, and ask them to try it in the computer there. Then, we’ll go to Fry’s and return the old RAM. Then, bowling and dinner. Yes. If Jaysen can pick us up. Yes.

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  1. Siglo

    It was like those eastern RPGs where you find the item you need to beat the game and it suddenly doesn’t work.

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