Joe’s Computer, Bowling, Mario, Risk 2210 AD

I just got back from Joseph’s house. Yesterday, I woke up worried around nine, hoping to find Office XP. Linh-Nam was leaving for work but left a copy of it under his trash can in his front yard. Joe’s dad picked me up, we picked Office XP (thanks Nam!), and then went to a small store to buy a new stick of RAM. We bought the computer in to have them install it and test it for us. Joseph’s dad left his credit card at home so we waited at the store for him. Then, we were off to Fry’s.
On a tangent, I read that it’s believed that wihthin five years, images displayed on a monitor will be identical to the real image to the human eye at 20/20 vision. Of course, this is when stationary because perspectives won’t move on a monitor.
Anyways, when we got to Fry’s, I checked in the RAM, my laptop, my camera, and the Clie. The young lady doing this was pretty nice, and we talked while in line. She asked me about my name and then showed me her name, which she said was Ukrainian. She said she couldn’t pronounce it correctly, which is funny because I can’t pronounce mine correctly either. She went to CSUDH for one class four years ago. I looked familiar to her, but we couldn’t find any connection.
The guy we talked to about returning the RAM was the same guy we saw before. He asked me if I got the system working yet, and I told him that I did. Joe wanted to buy a backpack while we there, and it worked out to be the exact same price as the RAM we were returning.
Back at Joseph’s house, his dad made us omelettes. I got the computer up and running. Dragging windows around is very choppy, and I’m not sure why, but everything’s working now.
Jaysen picked us up, and we went to Gable House. I did alright, I guess. Jaysen beat us twice, and Joe came in third once. That’s quite odd. Here are the results:

Real Name Entered Name Game 1 Game 2 Game 3
Joseph CHIEFNIGGY 95 71 89
Peter THE USER 64 83 64
Jaysen JAYZN INVAZN 63 87 106

Then, we checked out the WWII store near La Capilla. It was pretty cool. They had an awesome, huge Nazi banner. It was $350 though 🙁 Dinner was tasty… I had two chicken tacos.
After dinner, we went back to Joseph’s house. For a while, we took turns playing Super Mario Bros. while watching the Super Mario Super Show. I made it to Koopa in world 8-4, but he killed me. We decided to play Risk 2210 AD, and while we were setting up, Alex came over. Joseph, Jaysen, Alex, and I started to play. Jaysen had to leave around the second year (Risk 2210 AD has a limit of five turns, called years). We had to change rooms because people were going to bed. Then Josh took over for Jaysen. I wrote him a cool note.
To whom it may concern:
Please excuse Josh for being tired in class. He was up late playing Risk with 3 CAMS alumni.
Peter Anargirou
C/O ’04

I told him to give it to Mr. Jett. I don’t know if he will, but I can hope, lol. During year four Josh had to go to sleep. We left his forces on the map to defend themselves, but did not give that team any new troops, and did not control it aggressively. The final scores were as follows:

Player Score Rank
Peter 110 1st
Jaysen / Joshua / Rebels 40 2nd
Joseph 32 3rd
Alex 25 4th

I had a great time. It was so much fun. And I swear, I think a lot like Josh. He’s cool too. I guess this was the last time I’ll see Joe or Alex for a while. We finished playing around two o’clock this morning, and Alex gave me a ride home.
And I forgot to mention that while playing, I came up with a name for my cat. Mao Tse-tung. Or Mao for short. Yes. That’s a great fucking name.

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    i read this after i took a shower, so i was just wearing a towel. i hope that makes you feel better about yourself, peter. i know it made reading the post so much more enjoyable.

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