Visiting Roda and Judy, Dinner with Gemma and Warren

After eating lunch, my mom, Pete, and James came to give me money, hangers, and a few other things. Jaysen, Toni, and I then went to Target because I wanted to pick up a few things, including Risk: Lord of the Rings edition and Super Mario Bros. for GBA. When we got back, we had to go to a very boring hall meeting.
At 8:50, Judy asked me to stop by so we went to their place. We didn’t know how to get to Mesa Court so we just kind of started walking. We eventually got there but had trouble locating the building. Most of the Mesa Court people were having a scavenger hunt… they were running around everywhere… scary x_x. And we got hit with the sprinklers. But we found Roda and Judy, and I really enjoyed hanging out with them. (Middle Earth > Mesa Court).
I got back to Evenstar to find Gemma playing ping pong here with Warren. We decided to walk down to Jack-in-the-Box for dinner. Warren attempted to rebuild a potato out of fries. It was funny. And then we came back… hung out at her place for a few minutes… and then I got back at 1:50 or so. And I’m tired. Bye.