Assorted Stuff

I’ve been busy. It seems like there are friends and people I know everywhere. We had our hall photos today. I bought an 8×10 formal and an 8×10 non-formal. I finally turned in my health forms. Gemma and I had dinner in Brandywine and then went to cheer Will on in the DDR competition. He did well but didn’t win. Then, we went to her orientation reunion. I went over to Judy and Roda’s. Judy was out, but Alex B. and Allison were there. Later, Judy and Gemma joined us. We talked for a while, making fun of people walking by and other crap, and watched a lot of game shows on Nick GAS. I got back here around 4:20, took a shower, and here I am. Okay, I’m gonna go do some reading.

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  1. naL

    hey! havent talked to u in a long time. it makes me smile to read about your life at Irvine cuz i still remember when you were deciding between UoP and Irvine. You thought you’d be a lot happier at Irvine and I agreed..and it looks like things are going well. Kae, there was no real point to this comment. I just wanted to say hi cuz MA is far far away and i miss CA and everyone in CA. haha. okae. enough. BYE.

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