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Engineering Halloween BBQ, Live Nude People With Clothes On, Mom’s House

Friday night, I went to the engineering house for a Halloween BBQ with Gemma. I had a good time. We went to see Live Nude People With Clothes On, which is a campus improv group, afterwards. It was great. I wish I could do that stuff =D There was a guy wearing a thong a small cloth… he was Hairless Potter. It was… odd… but funny. There was another kid who tried to play up being emo when he was brought on stage for something. He had emo glasses on, and when he pulled his hood on and gave a pouty face, it was a hilarious. Yeah I can’t really explain it obviously. Good times. After the show, Gemma and I hung out for a little bit.
Today (Saturday), I went to my mom’s. She cooked chicken in wine with mushrooms and onions, which is one my favorite meals. We watched Dawn of the Dead too. It’s an entertaining movie but not very good. Pete gave me a cool LBC Sublime hoodie, and my mom gave me a pull-over from her hospital. When I got home, I talked on the phone with Gem until I kept falling asleep. By the time I walked back to my room though, I was awake enough to make this post. I think I’m going to bed now. G’night.

Midterms etc

The ICS and math midterms went smoothly. I probably did better on the math than the midterm, but I’m sure I did well on both. Peer review conferences for our essays on Monday. I caught up on the math concepts I didn’t know today. Yeah, good times!

Lab Exam

Turns out, I did pass the lab exam. I was 1 of the 2 people who passed in a section of 35 people. I guess the compiling didn’t matter as long as the code was correct.
I stayed up late talking to some guys about UCI myths, video games, movies, life, etc. I love it here. I have that 9:30 CSE lecture… I usually sleep in it, but this will be the last class before the midterm. Crap.

Alex on Emily Martin

[10/25][19:56:32] <@LostBurner> Pytehr: I found and read a few pages of that essay you kept complaining about.
[10/25][19:56:42] <@LostBurner> You were right. She’s annoying and whiny.
[10/25][19:58:26] * Sephiroth sets mode: +o Pytehr
[10/25][19:58:37] <@LostBurner> hmm.
[10/25][19:58:40] <@LostBurner> “The text goes on to emphasize that of the seven million oogonia, or egg germ cells, in the female embryo, most degenerate in the ovary. Of those that do go on to be- come oocytes, or eggs, many also degenerate, so that at birth only two million eggs remain in the ovaries. Degeneration continues throughout a woman’s life: by puberty 300,000 eggs remain, and only a few are present by menopause. “During the 40 or so years of a woman’s repr
[10/25][19:58:40] <@LostBurner> oductive life, only 400 to 300 eggs will have been released,” the authors write.”
[10/25][19:58:52] <@LostBurner> This means that newborns are the most fertile.
[10/25][19:59:05] <@LostBurner> Gentlemen, you know what we have to do.
[10/25][20:00:28] <@Sephiroth> that is SO fucking wrong
[10/25][20:00:37] <@Sephiroth> yet I cannot fault your logic
[10/25][20:01:20] <@Pytehr> God I love you Alex
[10/25][20:02:50] <@LostBurner> Reading her essay is just making me mad though
[10/25][20:03:02] <@LostBurner> she’s just whining so much. There’s no point to it.

Long Day

Took the lab exam today. It seemed my code was all correct, and it compiled, but it wouldn’t work right. One of the methods I had to code was “calculateMaximum(),” and when the maximum was displayed at the end of the pgoram, it was always displayed as “0.” I tried debugging by having the method print all the variables after every line of calculation, but nothing outputted. When coding at home, I use TextPad to compile the files, but in lab, we have to compile using the console. I think that when compiling from the console, I have to compile each file… TextPad will automatically compile all files with it. Maybe that’s what was wrong. I’m not sure.
Of the five problems on the calculus midterm, I did three easily. The fourth problem, which was proving that two lines were skew and finding the distance between them, was a bit harder. I solved it but struggled a bit. The last problem was a limit problem. If only I had tried y = x^2, I would have found that the limit didn’t exist. I tried using the squeeze theorem because I thought it existed. I fucked up picking my functions. I incorrectly said the limit did exist. Makes me sad. I could still pull an A, but I’ll probably get a B.
Writing was alright. Nothing bad really, but it just seemed to drag on. Rough draft of the next paper is due Friday. I’ll start Wednesday or Thursday.
152’s birthday today! Yay, happy birthday!

The World Is My Mario Kart

Played way too much. It’s so fucking addictive. Will, Patrick, and I played for hours today. And we sort of played in real life on the way to, in, and on the way back from the commons. When we finally stopped, I got online and IMed Will.
[10/25-18:56] TheUser04: hey you wanna play some mario kart?
[10/25-18:56] Will: lol
[10/25-18:57] Will: fuck no, no more!
[10/25-18:57] TheUser04: haha
[10/25-18:57] Will: i cantg take it
[10/25-18:57] TheUser04: yeah I know the feeling
[10/25-18:57] Will: im gonna OD


Gemma rented Mystic River and School of Rock on Friday. A group of us watched it out in the common room. On Saturday, my mom took me for my eye exam. My sight’s not perfect, but it’s not bad enough for me to need glasses. He recommended I come back in about a year. I had lunch with Mom, Pete, and James, which was fun. I bought two bottles of shampoo, two bottles of conditioner, and some sunglasses at Target. Late Saturday night, Jay and I went with Gabby for Mexican food. Alberto’s. Very, very tasty. I wish I had one of those burritos right now. Sunday, I spent most of the day studying. I went to In-n-Out with Gem and Allison though. It was a nice break. After I finished everything except studying for the calc midterm, I went on a walk with Gemma just around Middle Earth. I had fun 🙂 I took a shower afterwards and studied calculus. I think I’ll do pretty well on the midterm today. Okay, bye.
Oh, I forgot! I got my sample ballot and polling place information. I’m very happy =D I don’t know how I’m going to vote for everything yet, but I’m voting Libertarian.

The Egg and the Sperm: How Science Has Constructed a Romance Based on Stereotypical Male-Female Roles

In our writing class, we read an essay called “The Egg and the Sperm: How Science Has Constructed a Romance Based on Stereotypical Male-Female Roles.” It was written by a woman and is about sperm being treated as superior in most texts and the egg as inferior. She feels that stereotypes and sexism have altered science. Most of the guys in the class felt that she whined too much. One guy said the following:
“I think it was all a waste of ink. I mean, she could have been cooking.”


My dad can stand in the middle of the house, look up, and see the sky. He says that a lot of his stuff is ruined. I found out when I called to wish him a happy birthday. I have to get him money for the dog, but I don’t think I’ll have it in time. I don’t know when this check comes or where it’s sent. My dad did win the ring he wanted to get me from eBay. It’s located here.
I really haven’t felt great lately. Not really sick though. I don’t know. I ditched two hours of class today, slept through (but in) one hour of class, and actually was awake for one hour. I hardly ate lunch… I don’t know if the food was bad or if it was me. Other people seemed to be okay with the food.

I wanna get lost in your rock and roll

I screwed up on my calc quiz. (d/dx)(cosx) != sinx. But I put it anyways. I’ll still get credit for doing most of the problem right, I bet. I ditched lecture Friday and Monday but went today. I didn’t really understand what was going on… and it actually had nothing to do with the stuff from Friday and Monday… it was just that I slept through most of today’s lecture. The midterm’s on Monday. I think I’ll do well though.
CSE lab exam is next week. I should start on that soon. CSE midterm is next week too. It’s supposed to be really hard. I’m not going to look at anything tonight though. I just feel too dead.
Writing is going well. The paper was postponed until Monday. I should work on it this week because there’s other writing hw too, but I’ll do it all this weekend I guess. There’s a couple guys in that class that are just awesome because they say what they want to say.

Access to Chopsticks

I’ve sort of lost a lot of access to Chopsticks. After the house lost power and Chopsticks had to be restarted, the FTP was offline as was the VNC server. I can update the WebPageless blog through MT, and I have another script that allows me to update other files. However, I can’t back up the whole site without FTP access. I can’t have my dad do it because Chopsticks has no screen, so he’d have to plug in a monitor and go to a lot of work. That wouldn’t be easy because it’s been raining in my house, which is also the reason why I want to back up WebPageless.

Hanging Out, Missing Classes, Talking

I hung out with Gemma this morning, which was very nice. Around two, I went to Pippin to eat lunch. It was the first time I had eaten alone since I got here. After talking with Will for a while back at the dorm, I left for writing class. I had already missed CSE21 discussion, lab, and Math 2D lecture. When I got back, we had mail. I got my check/debit card from Wells Fargo. That’s good =) I spent the day talking, reading Angels & Demons, and playing Final Fantasy II (USA). They put up a flyer that basically said “don’t use these terms:” followed by a bunch of derogatory terms and then “use these terms:” followed by words like “kind,” “team player,” etc. We stood in the hallway adding terms. I went to dinner with Gemma, Allison, and Rebecca. It’s always so much fun hanging out with them. The crab soup was horrible, so I tried adding all sorts of stuff to it. Made me feel sick. Came back, took a shower, and then pushed my wardrobe against the bed. Now I can set my laptop on top and use it from bed. In fact, that’s what I’m doing now. It’s great.
Time to make a new paragraph? lol. I talked to Joseph for a bit today. It was cool getting to talk with him. I called Herbert too. I haven’t talked with him in a very long time, and I’m really glad I got a chance to. Not to be sappy or anything man (since I know you read WebPageless), but you’ve been a good friend and I hope you stay one. Anyways, I’m off.


Assuming that we have spirits that live on after we die, what’s more real – the physical body that dies or the spirit that lives on?
My dad talks about missing me but won’t visit. Odd. The dog catcher came to check out Nina. She’s not vicious. However, we have to get the rash thing taken care of or they’ll put her down. It’s going to be near $400 to start and a lot more after that. He’s not going to pay it.
It rained last night here. I really love the rain. The only bad part about it was that it rained at the house in Long Beach too… nothing was put on the roof (which is still unfinished) so it basically rained through in a lot of spots… and parts of the ceiling fell.
Jamie went to prison but got back out already due to overcrowding. He has to stay in a specific house and has a curfew and shit… but that’s a lot better than prison.
I went to see “I <3 Huckabees" with some friends last night. There's a theater that plays only independent films. It's pretty cool... there are other movies I want to see there. When it was first starting though, I felt really weird... warm, uncomfortable, confused... like something was very wrong. I wasn't really moving, and I felt the urge to jump up and run away but of course didn't. I don't really know how to describe it. It went away eventually though. I've felt like that a little before, but this was much worse.

Rain, Gemma, Java

Gemma asked me to go for a walk with her at the exact time I decided to go to a walk. We walked around ring road and then just walked around. It started to rain… we sat on a bench for a while before just standing in the rain. It should rain more often. Lightning and thunder began too. Very cool.
When I got back, Gabby was in here watching Aishiteruze Baby. I’m glad she’s comfortable with us. I finished the program… seems pretty easy. I had glanced at the notes though. I haven’t yet attempted it without notes. The test isn’t until Wednesday though.

A Student Guide to Writing at UCI

“If you don’t know the connotation of a particular verb, the best way to find out quickly is to enter it into your word processing software’s ‘thesaurus” function. You can also go to and click the ‘thesaurus’ radio button for a list of synonyms., Of course, there’s always the old book-style thesaurus, as well.”
I like how the book refers to electronic sources first and then books.

Weird Gondolin People

At around two this morning, I looked out the peep hole at Gemma and Allison’s and noticed two people making out in the hallway. Someone was needed to check who they were, and Gemma had to pee, so she seemed the best candidate. I opened the door for her, but she just stood there. I gave her a little push because… well… maybe she needed to be reminded that she had to go pee or something. She stepped out, said “oh,” and jumped back into the room… and then walked to the bathroom. The guy came over apologizing until he noticed me. He said “wait, why am I apologizing? There’s a guy sleeping in here.” I looked at him as I slowly closed the door. About a minute later, the guy and a friend of his knock at the door. The guy’s friends told him that the room had three girls in it so he feared that he accidently had called one of the girls a guy. I let him know that he was right and that I was, in fact, a guy. He asked me what I was doing here, and I proceeded to explain how Evenstar, being like a two minute walk, was way too far to walk back to. After asking if I was dating one of the girls, he tried to figure out what bed I slept in. It was pretty amusing. Too bad that our antics woke up Rebecca =/


CSE 21 is interesting, but I know it’s going to be really hard. It’s an introduction to java class. I’m already not working at it enough. I’m not really behind, but I should have started. Anyways, the stuff makes sense even if I haven’t started programming.
Math 2D is calculus 3… multivariable calculus. It’s basically calculus in 3D space, dealing with planes rather than lines, volumes rather than areas, etc. It’s pretty cool, and I enjoy math, but I’m always falling asleep in that class.
I hated Writing 39B, Critical Reading and Rhetoric. I guess I’ve never been that into these types of courses. However, lately it’s been getting interesting. We’ve been discussing philosophy, reading Plato, thinking about illusion versus reality, examining the idea that an elite few who are better than average should rule the populace, and various other things. Hopefully, the course will stay interesting.
I ditched CSE lab today. First time ditching a class since I got here. Mike came back with us from discussion and we all had lunch. I’ve made it on time to CSE discussion/lab some, but I’ve also been late. Same goes for math lecture. I’ve always been on time for math discussion. So far, I’ve been late to CSE lecture and writing every single time. I guess it doesn’t matter though, lol. Bad “academic persona” as A Student Guide to Writing at UCI puts it. Yeah, you know, I’m tired.

Survey of Doom

Section 1
birthday: 2/27/86
age u act: ?
height: ?
weight : 165ish
eye color: Brown
are u simple or complicated: I think everyone’s pretty complicated
where do u live: UCI!
where did u grow up: Palm Springs / Long Beach
where do u wanna live: Here
birthplace: Mission Viejo
ever gone skinny dipping: Nope
what are u watching: Nothing
who are u talkin to right now: Kristin… and Jay and Toni of course
favorite number(s): 7, 152 (lol), powers of 2
favorite ice cream: Cookie dough
favorite beer: Of the ones I’ve tried, Michelob
stupidest person u know: so many to choose from!
favorite holiday: my birthday
favorite shoes: No preference
Section 2: The Future
school: Um… UCI?
how many kids u want: A few!
name of future daughter: I change my mind too much
name of future son(s): Steven Peter, if my wife permits
what kind of job u want: I don’t really know.
Section 3: Have You Ever
smoked: Yup
run away from home: No, I’ve always been allowed to leave
hit someone: Sure
lied: No… of course not…
stolen anything: Yep
broken a bone: Nope
cheated on a test: Yep
cheated on a boy/girlfriend: No
gotten drunk: Not really… felt some effects but didn’t drink enough to throw up
been in the hospital: Not since I was a baby for various illnesses
fell asleep in the shower/bath: I don’t think so
gone to church: Not for services in many years
ever been on a motorcycle or motorbike: Nope
been to a camp: Yep
sat in a restaurant without ordering: Starbucks
seen someone die: No
gone a week without shaving: Not since I started shaving
didn’t wash your hair for a week: Nope
broken something valuable: Yeah
yelled at someone: Sure have
said i love u and meant it: Yep
been hurt by a guy/girl u loved: Sure
stayed up till 4 am on the phone: Mm hmm
Section 4: Which is Better
coke or pepsi: Pepsi
cats or dogs: They’re very different
pools or hot tubs: hot tubs
television or radio: television
apples or oranges: Apples
old navy or gap: No clue
coffee or icecream: I dunno. ice cream I guess
shampoo or conditioner: Um, I like them both. Tropical coconut!
10 acquaintances or 1 homey: Let’s call them “friends.” How can I tell an acquaintance from a friend? I spend too much time thinking about this.
sun or moon: Reminds me of that “bang bang bang” video. Moon.
left or right: Um… right handed
Section 5: When Was the Last Time You
took a shower: About two hours ago
cried: two days ago?
watched a disney movie: Can’t remember
given/gotten a hug: I hugged Eric today
been to the movies: I saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow with Nam, Chris, Gian, and Cheryl right before moving to Irvine
played cs: Counter-Strike? I dislike that game
Section 6: What is
your fondest memory of this year: I don’t know… just being with the people I care about
the thing that makes you happy: Friends
love: Love is like oxygen. Love is a many-splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love. The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.
life: I think, therefore I am.

Zypher on Uploads

[10/05][03:06:48] <@TU> Zypher: Any luck with Moulin Rouge?
[10/05][03:08:21] <.Drac> when do you want it by?
[10/05][03:08:35] <@TU> No hurry… I’ve seen it, I just liked it
[10/05][03:11:18] <.Drac> alright
[10/05][03:16:16] <.Drac> =(
[10/05][03:42:19] <@[DdB]Zypher> uh, i uploaded it already
[10/05][04:01:04] <@TU> so you did, so you did
[10/05][04:01:05] <@TU> Thanks man
[10/05][04:01:06] <@TU> lol


[10/03][17:39:39] * sandu (~asdasd@ has joined #anime-videos
[10/03][17:50:00] <.Drac> It’s like sand, but by adding a u, he made it more japanese!


It’s been a few days since I’ve updated. Let’s see… well, Thursday night I went to Gem and Allison’s room to watch Moulin Rouge. That’s an awesome fucking movie. I’ll get it soon. It’s a romantic musical. That night, the three of us were watching people out the window. There were two guys and a girl dancing like they thought they were cool… sort of “gangsta” like… and I think they were dancing to music being played on a cell phone. After they left, some other guys came up. One was holding his shirt in his hand but wearing his jacket. He started undressing like he was showing off, but there were only guys there. Then a skater kept trying to jump a wall. Allison started narating using a crocodile hunter voice or something… and it was amazing. The skater fell off and ended up in the bushes and all his friends go over to look at him. Allison says “watch as the wild skater crashes into a bush! Oh, and his posse decides to go look at him… but not help…” Of course, you’d have to hear it to find it funny, but I was just sitting there shaking because it was so fucking funny.
I think I had a fever last night, but it went away later that night. Maybe it was something else, but I wasn’t feeling great, and I felt so cold. Played uno with a bunch of friends while watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Good times. Speaking of health problems though, the other day I felt this sharp pain in my back, and then I was hardly able to move. I fell onto the ground in my dorm and just laid there for a while. I don’t really know what happened. It went away though.
My mom and brother came over today. I opened a savings account, put a bunch of savings bonds into it, opened a checking account, and put my check from UCI in it. I still owe my mom $250 though. I went to lunch with my mom and James too. She let me have/borrow a bunch of movies. Star Wars, Secret Window, Sleepy Hollow, and a bunch of chick flick / romance / comedies that she figured I’d like and knew Pete wouldn’t want.
When I got home, I spent a few hours doing laundry… went to dinner… and then played some UT2004. Man, my computer takes forever loading up the levels. I don’t know why. It was pretty fucking awesome though. We play with the RPG mod… you gain levels and can increase certain stats such as damage %, rate of fire, etc. It gets fucking crazy. The bots can level too if they’re in use. Then, Will had some shit going with a friend of his who was calling him and IMing him. I don’t know. Anyways, Will’s couch came in today, so a lot of people were hanging out in his room. He has some drawers under his bed with large metal handles. This drunk girl tried getting into his bed and used the handles as a step. Once both feet were on it, the drawer slid open. She fell forward, slammed her head aginst the wall, and then just went to sleep. Some friends dragged her away though. Will didn’t really want anyone throwing up on his bed anyways, lol. There were a lot of fucking people going in and out of there tonight though. It was pretty cool.
And I’m glad all my laundry’s done. I get nice clean sheets tonight. Alright, later.