It’s been a few days since I’ve updated. Let’s see… well, Thursday night I went to Gem and Allison’s room to watch Moulin Rouge. That’s an awesome fucking movie. I’ll get it soon. It’s a romantic musical. That night, the three of us were watching people out the window. There were two guys and a girl dancing like they thought they were cool… sort of “gangsta” like… and I think they were dancing to music being played on a cell phone. After they left, some other guys came up. One was holding his shirt in his hand but wearing his jacket. He started undressing like he was showing off, but there were only guys there. Then a skater kept trying to jump a wall. Allison started narating using a crocodile hunter voice or something… and it was amazing. The skater fell off and ended up in the bushes and all his friends go over to look at him. Allison says “watch as the wild skater crashes into a bush! Oh, and his posse decides to go look at him… but not help…” Of course, you’d have to hear it to find it funny, but I was just sitting there shaking because it was so fucking funny.
I think I had a fever last night, but it went away later that night. Maybe it was something else, but I wasn’t feeling great, and I felt so cold. Played uno with a bunch of friends while watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Good times. Speaking of health problems though, the other day I felt this sharp pain in my back, and then I was hardly able to move. I fell onto the ground in my dorm and just laid there for a while. I don’t really know what happened. It went away though.
My mom and brother came over today. I opened a savings account, put a bunch of savings bonds into it, opened a checking account, and put my check from UCI in it. I still owe my mom $250 though. I went to lunch with my mom and James too. She let me have/borrow a bunch of movies. Star Wars, Secret Window, Sleepy Hollow, and a bunch of chick flick / romance / comedies that she figured I’d like and knew Pete wouldn’t want.
When I got home, I spent a few hours doing laundry… went to dinner… and then played some UT2004. Man, my computer takes forever loading up the levels. I don’t know why. It was pretty fucking awesome though. We play with the RPG mod… you gain levels and can increase certain stats such as damage %, rate of fire, etc. It gets fucking crazy. The bots can level too if they’re in use. Then, Will had some shit going with a friend of his who was calling him and IMing him. I don’t know. Anyways, Will’s couch came in today, so a lot of people were hanging out in his room. He has some drawers under his bed with large metal handles. This drunk girl tried getting into his bed and used the handles as a step. Once both feet were on it, the drawer slid open. She fell forward, slammed her head aginst the wall, and then just went to sleep. Some friends dragged her away though. Will didn’t really want anyone throwing up on his bed anyways, lol. There were a lot of fucking people going in and out of there tonight though. It was pretty cool.
And I’m glad all my laundry’s done. I get nice clean sheets tonight. Alright, later.