Survey of Doom

Section 1
birthday: 2/27/86
age u act: ?
height: ?
weight : 165ish
eye color: Brown
are u simple or complicated: I think everyone’s pretty complicated
where do u live: UCI!
where did u grow up: Palm Springs / Long Beach
where do u wanna live: Here
birthplace: Mission Viejo
ever gone skinny dipping: Nope
what are u watching: Nothing
who are u talkin to right now: Kristin… and Jay and Toni of course
favorite number(s): 7, 152 (lol), powers of 2
favorite ice cream: Cookie dough
favorite beer: Of the ones I’ve tried, Michelob
stupidest person u know: so many to choose from!
favorite holiday: my birthday
favorite shoes: No preference
Section 2: The Future
school: Um… UCI?
how many kids u want: A few!
name of future daughter: I change my mind too much
name of future son(s): Steven Peter, if my wife permits
what kind of job u want: I don’t really know.
Section 3: Have You Ever
smoked: Yup
run away from home: No, I’ve always been allowed to leave
hit someone: Sure
lied: No… of course not…
stolen anything: Yep
broken a bone: Nope
cheated on a test: Yep
cheated on a boy/girlfriend: No
gotten drunk: Not really… felt some effects but didn’t drink enough to throw up
been in the hospital: Not since I was a baby for various illnesses
fell asleep in the shower/bath: I don’t think so
gone to church: Not for services in many years
ever been on a motorcycle or motorbike: Nope
been to a camp: Yep
sat in a restaurant without ordering: Starbucks
seen someone die: No
gone a week without shaving: Not since I started shaving
didn’t wash your hair for a week: Nope
broken something valuable: Yeah
yelled at someone: Sure have
said i love u and meant it: Yep
been hurt by a guy/girl u loved: Sure
stayed up till 4 am on the phone: Mm hmm
Section 4: Which is Better
coke or pepsi: Pepsi
cats or dogs: They’re very different
pools or hot tubs: hot tubs
television or radio: television
apples or oranges: Apples
old navy or gap: No clue
coffee or icecream: I dunno. ice cream I guess
shampoo or conditioner: Um, I like them both. Tropical coconut!
10 acquaintances or 1 homey: Let’s call them “friends.” How can I tell an acquaintance from a friend? I spend too much time thinking about this.
sun or moon: Reminds me of that “bang bang bang” video. Moon.
left or right: Um… right handed
Section 5: When Was the Last Time You
took a shower: About two hours ago
cried: two days ago?
watched a disney movie: Can’t remember
given/gotten a hug: I hugged Eric today
been to the movies: I saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow with Nam, Chris, Gian, and Cheryl right before moving to Irvine
played cs: Counter-Strike? I dislike that game
Section 6: What is
your fondest memory of this year: I don’t know… just being with the people I care about
the thing that makes you happy: Friends
love: Love is like oxygen. Love is a many-splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love. The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.
life: I think, therefore I am.