CSE 21 is interesting, but I know it’s going to be really hard. It’s an introduction to java class. I’m already not working at it enough. I’m not really behind, but I should have started. Anyways, the stuff makes sense even if I haven’t started programming.
Math 2D is calculus 3… multivariable calculus. It’s basically calculus in 3D space, dealing with planes rather than lines, volumes rather than areas, etc. It’s pretty cool, and I enjoy math, but I’m always falling asleep in that class.
I hated Writing 39B, Critical Reading and Rhetoric. I guess I’ve never been that into these types of courses. However, lately it’s been getting interesting. We’ve been discussing philosophy, reading Plato, thinking about illusion versus reality, examining the idea that an elite few who are better than average should rule the populace, and various other things. Hopefully, the course will stay interesting.
I ditched CSE lab today. First time ditching a class since I got here. Mike came back with us from discussion and we all had lunch. I’ve made it on time to CSE discussion/lab some, but I’ve also been late. Same goes for math lecture. I’ve always been on time for math discussion. So far, I’ve been late to CSE lecture and writing every single time. I guess it doesn’t matter though, lol. Bad “academic persona” as A Student Guide to Writing at UCI puts it. Yeah, you know, I’m tired.