Weird Gondolin People

At around two this morning, I looked out the peep hole at Gemma and Allison’s and noticed two people making out in the hallway. Someone was needed to check who they were, and Gemma had to pee, so she seemed the best candidate. I opened the door for her, but she just stood there. I gave her a little push because… well… maybe she needed to be reminded that she had to go pee or something. She stepped out, said “oh,” and jumped back into the room… and then walked to the bathroom. The guy came over apologizing until he noticed me. He said “wait, why am I apologizing? There’s a guy sleeping in here.” I looked at him as I slowly closed the door. About a minute later, the guy and a friend of his knock at the door. The guy’s friends told him that the room had three girls in it so he feared that he accidently had called one of the girls a guy. I let him know that he was right and that I was, in fact, a guy. He asked me what I was doing here, and I proceeded to explain how Evenstar, being like a two minute walk, was way too far to walk back to. After asking if I was dating one of the girls, he tried to figure out what bed I slept in. It was pretty amusing. Too bad that our antics woke up Rebecca =/

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