Hanging Out, Missing Classes, Talking

I hung out with Gemma this morning, which was very nice. Around two, I went to Pippin to eat lunch. It was the first time I had eaten alone since I got here. After talking with Will for a while back at the dorm, I left for writing class. I had already missed CSE21 discussion, lab, and Math 2D lecture. When I got back, we had mail. I got my check/debit card from Wells Fargo. That’s good =) I spent the day talking, reading Angels & Demons, and playing Final Fantasy II (USA). They put up a flyer that basically said “don’t use these terms:” followed by a bunch of derogatory terms and then “use these terms:” followed by words like “kind,” “team player,” etc. We stood in the hallway adding terms. I went to dinner with Gemma, Allison, and Rebecca. It’s always so much fun hanging out with them. The crab soup was horrible, so I tried adding all sorts of stuff to it. Made me feel sick. Came back, took a shower, and then pushed my wardrobe against the bed. Now I can set my laptop on top and use it from bed. In fact, that’s what I’m doing now. It’s great.
Time to make a new paragraph? lol. I talked to Joseph for a bit today. It was cool getting to talk with him. I called Herbert too. I haven’t talked with him in a very long time, and I’m really glad I got a chance to. Not to be sappy or anything man (since I know you read WebPageless), but you’ve been a good friend and I hope you stay one. Anyways, I’m off.