I wanna get lost in your rock and roll

I screwed up on my calc quiz. (d/dx)(cosx) != sinx. But I put it anyways. I’ll still get credit for doing most of the problem right, I bet. I ditched lecture Friday and Monday but went today. I didn’t really understand what was going on… and it actually had nothing to do with the stuff from Friday and Monday… it was just that I slept through most of today’s lecture. The midterm’s on Monday. I think I’ll do well though.
CSE lab exam is next week. I should start on that soon. CSE midterm is next week too. It’s supposed to be really hard. I’m not going to look at anything tonight though. I just feel too dead.
Writing is going well. The paper was postponed until Monday. I should work on it this week because there’s other writing hw too, but I’ll do it all this weekend I guess. There’s a couple guys in that class that are just awesome because they say what they want to say.