Alex on Emily Martin

[10/25][19:56:32] <@LostBurner> Pytehr: I found and read a few pages of that essay you kept complaining about.
[10/25][19:56:42] <@LostBurner> You were right. She’s annoying and whiny.
[10/25][19:58:26] * Sephiroth sets mode: +o Pytehr
[10/25][19:58:37] <@LostBurner> hmm.
[10/25][19:58:40] <@LostBurner> “The text goes on to emphasize that of the seven million oogonia, or egg germ cells, in the female embryo, most degenerate in the ovary. Of those that do go on to be- come oocytes, or eggs, many also degenerate, so that at birth only two million eggs remain in the ovaries. Degeneration continues throughout a woman’s life: by puberty 300,000 eggs remain, and only a few are present by menopause. “During the 40 or so years of a woman’s repr
[10/25][19:58:40] <@LostBurner> oductive life, only 400 to 300 eggs will have been released,” the authors write.”
[10/25][19:58:52] <@LostBurner> This means that newborns are the most fertile.
[10/25][19:59:05] <@LostBurner> Gentlemen, you know what we have to do.
[10/25][20:00:28] <@Sephiroth> that is SO fucking wrong
[10/25][20:00:37] <@Sephiroth> yet I cannot fault your logic
[10/25][20:01:20] <@Pytehr> God I love you Alex
[10/25][20:02:50] <@LostBurner> Reading her essay is just making me mad though
[10/25][20:03:02] <@LostBurner> she’s just whining so much. There’s no point to it.