Long Day

Took the lab exam today. It seemed my code was all correct, and it compiled, but it wouldn’t work right. One of the methods I had to code was “calculateMaximum(),” and when the maximum was displayed at the end of the pgoram, it was always displayed as “0.” I tried debugging by having the method print all the variables after every line of calculation, but nothing outputted. When coding at home, I use TextPad to compile the files, but in lab, we have to compile using the console. I think that when compiling from the console, I have to compile each file… TextPad will automatically compile all files with it. Maybe that’s what was wrong. I’m not sure.
Of the five problems on the calculus midterm, I did three easily. The fourth problem, which was proving that two lines were skew and finding the distance between them, was a bit harder. I solved it but struggled a bit. The last problem was a limit problem. If only I had tried y = x^2, I would have found that the limit didn’t exist. I tried using the squeeze theorem because I thought it existed. I fucked up picking my functions. I incorrectly said the limit did exist. Makes me sad. I could still pull an A, but I’ll probably get a B.
Writing was alright. Nothing bad really, but it just seemed to drag on. Rough draft of the next paper is due Friday. I’ll start Wednesday or Thursday.
152’s birthday today! Yay, happy birthday!

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