Engineering Halloween BBQ, Live Nude People With Clothes On, Mom’s House

Friday night, I went to the engineering house for a Halloween BBQ with Gemma. I had a good time. We went to see Live Nude People With Clothes On, which is a campus improv group, afterwards. It was great. I wish I could do that stuff =D There was a guy wearing a thong a small cloth… he was Hairless Potter. It was… odd… but funny. There was another kid who tried to play up being emo when he was brought on stage for something. He had emo glasses on, and when he pulled his hood on and gave a pouty face, it was a hilarious. Yeah I can’t really explain it obviously. Good times. After the show, Gemma and I hung out for a little bit.
Today (Saturday), I went to my mom’s. She cooked chicken in wine with mushrooms and onions, which is one my favorite meals. We watched Dawn of the Dead too. It’s an entertaining movie but not very good. Pete gave me a cool LBC Sublime hoodie, and my mom gave me a pull-over from her hospital. When I got home, I talked on the phone with Gem until I kept falling asleep. By the time I walked back to my room though, I was awake enough to make this post. I think I’m going to bed now. G’night.

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