Classes, Starbucks, Del Taco, Hanging Out

I stayed awake for the first half of lecture. We played Monopoly and then I played Tetris. And then I fell asleep. Jacobson was talking about errors and how in some programs, such as games, you want to try to hide the error so the game doesn’t get interrupted. He said something about being on the 47th floor with a few beholders in front of you. I thought it was awesome that he made a Dungeons & Dragons reference.
After eating lunch, I came back to the dorm to hang out with Gemma, Russell, Jay, and Toni. I later played a little Mario Kart and went to math discussion.
This evening, we walked to Starbucks and Del Taco. Very tasty. I went with Jay, Toni, Jon C., Vince, and Stefanie. Jon and I skipped for a while on the way back before he gave me a ride on his back. When we got back, a group of us hung out on the ground of the other suite. HP, Adam, and Kim joined us. Then I hung out in Jon’s room with him and HP. Very fun night.
Evenstar’s gonna start playing assassination next week. It’s going to be $1 to enter, and the winner gets all the money. We’re going to play with socks. I also signed up for We’ll see how it goes. Anyways, a very fun night.

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