Movie, Dinner with Gem; Dinner with Will and Parents

I saw The Incredibles with Gemma on Friday. The theater was about three miles away, and we had to walk there, but it was nice. The movie was really good, better than I expected. A lot of people saw it this weekend actually. Afterwards, we went to JACKshrimp. We had some very tasty gulf shrimp. The walk back was really nice too… the stars were out, and the sky was beautiful.
Will got his Alienware desktop this weekend. It’s 3.6 GHz P4 with 1 GB of RAM. It’s a nice system, but he hasn’t got it fully working yet. I met his parents, and they’re really nice. They took Will, me, and a couple other guys to dinner at the hotel they were staying at. Oh God, was that a good meal. I had shrimp cocktails, a very fresh salad, a porterhouse steak, and a chocolate fudge cake. I wish I could explain how great the meal was. His parents are really cool too. They said we could go with Will home for the weekend sometime.
After dinner, we went to Sports Chalet. They wanted to buy ping pong paddles. Will actually bought a $60 one. I bought a $2.99 just because I wanted to buy a cheap one. I’m not even any good at ping pong. We then played some Mario Kart followed by Mario Party 5. I came in 4th behind Will, Patrick, and a CPU. I also took turns getting calls from Gemma and Christine all night. Speaking of calls, I paid my phone bill and changed my plan to have 2000 anytime minutes. $120/month bill now though, heh.