Tungsten, Target, iTunes, Chatting

Today was really great. I slept through most of ICS lecture along with Andy. We all had lunch, and then I came back to the dorm. I fooled around a little and studied for calc out in the common room with Russ. I fucked up on the quiz but probably still got a B. My dad called to let me know about a Tungsten C on eBay… I asked him to bid on it, and we won at $212. That’s pretty cool.
I went to Target with Russell. I bought some sope, bread (for Will, lol), and a safe. I attempted to buy a tamagotchi, but they were sold out. I also picked up Office Space and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Yup.
We watched Office Space and went out for pizza. When we got back, I ended up playing some video games with Will and Patrick. Patrick beat me in an All-Cup tour. I started ripping some of Will’s music and went to Blockbuster with Gemma. After we got back, I slowly working on reading/highlighting Tan’s essay while talking with everybody. Gemma left around 12:30, which was pretty early. I spent the rest of the night just hanging out and talking. I got iTunes working pretty well and really enjoy it now. Gabby and Toni went out for food. I’m happy and full. It was a lot of fun. Now… I’ll go slack off some more.

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