This weekend was pretty awesome. Gemma and I had planned to go see Live Nude People With Clothes On. I was just hanging around before that in the evening. I was talking to Christine on the phone, and she decided to drive down to visit. Gemma and I went to the show, and it was great. I really enjoy seeing Live Nude People. (That sounds funny if you don’t know that they’re an improv group.) Christine got here around 12:15. It was really nice to see her again; it had been a long time. Later that night, a few of us decided to go to Del Taco, and then we watched movies.
On Saturday I took Gemma’s movie back (and Rebecca’s too, which I wasn’t supposed to… whoops) and then went to Starbucks with Christine. We got back and did nothing for a while. Then, Gemma, Christine, Toni and I went to Jack-in-the-Box for lunch. I saw my mom, Pete, and James this weekend too. Christine and I went to my mom’s for dinner on Saturday. We had tasty steaks and watched I, Robot. It was surprisingly good, despite what Christine thinks, lol. After getting back, I hung out with Gemma for a while.
On Sunday morning, Christine left. I spent most of the day doing homework. Stupid, stupid homework.
And then there’s Christine and Vince. ^___^
Great weekend.