A little update

It’s been a while since I’ve updated so here I am.
I got kind of behind in school, but I’m catching up. I’m still a few weeks behind in math reading… but I’m passing the quizzes, and I understood the last lecture. I guess I’m fine then. I failed lab exam 4 but passed 5, and today I retook 4. I failed the first retake but took it again right after in hopes of getting different methods. I did, and I did well.
Right now, I’m talking to Russell on AIM about how I touch myself in the bathroom and think of him.
I spent hundreds of dollars on food last month. Very tasty shit though. Watching Chappelle’s Show right now with Jay. I bought a Tamagotchi. Good times. Last weekend, the match maker (gives you a mate if you haven’t mated via IR) kept visiting Gemma’s and my tamagotchis. We tried waiting until Sunday but hers died. I bought World of Warcraft. It’s a really amazing game. It’s really easy to learn and isn’t that system intensive. I’m only like level 10 though… I have more important things to do.
Last Wednesday, my mom picked me up and took me to my dad’s house. Smells very moldy. I don’t know what the hell’s gonna happen over break… how do I go out? lol. I worked on homework that night and most of Thursday. Jamie’s (not by brother) mom bought an Albertson’s premade Thanksgiving dinner that was pretty good. Afterwards, I went to Christine’s house, and Linh-Nam and I spent the night. He played WoW, and I worked on CSE hw. She had a giant togepi stuffed animal. I woke her up by making it hump her, and then I made it hump Nam. Good times. On Friday, the three of us drove up to Vince’s place. We went to Burger King and then went to Chris’s to play Texas Holdem. I was up for a while but… lost horribly, lol. Friday night, I went home and spent the rest of the weekend doing a shit load of homework and talking to Gemma a lot. One night, we fell asleep on the phone together. I woke up and continued doing stuff. When I was about to goto sleep, she called back, and we talked more. After I went to bed, right when I woke up she called again. What great timing ^_^.
Over the weekend, I managed to get labs 3, 4, and 5 done. Rough drafts of our essay were due on Monday, but I didn’t have it. I hadn’t even started it yet. Michelle said I could e-mail it to her by Tuesday afternoon. I emailed her like 4 pages at 8:00. Then I had another page done by today. I’m still not done with it, heh.
On Monday night, I went to a massage class with Gemma. They taught relaxation/breathing techniques for a little bit and then they went into how to give massages. It was pretty cool. We were the last to leave so we got the left over snacks. ^_^ Didn’t get much sleep Monday night. I decided to sleep through CSE lecture to try to get more. Didn’t get a lot of sleep last night either. I miss sleep. Last night was kind of fun though… I spent the majority of it in the common room with Gemma, Jon, and Gabby. Jon just sort of fooled around… Gabby was reading… and Gemma and I were studying.
Today I have no homework, but I’m gonna have a lot tomorrow. I should get an early start, but I’m not. I stopped by Roda’s and Judy’s tonight. I like lounging around over there. Roda and Judy are good people =P Okay, ta ta for now.

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