I Wanna Get Freaky on Kwanzaa

It was nice to finally not have work to do last night. I played WoW for about an hour. I tried going to dinner with the guys in my suite. They actually said that they were hungry but couldn’t leave because they were playing WoW so I ate with Jaysen. Gem and Allison came in, and we hung out with them too. Later that night, Gemma and I went to see Live Nude People. The theme was XXX-mas. I really enjoy LNP… it was very fun this time. To put the title of this entry in context, they taught us a Kwanzaa carol. A girl asked me if I knew a Russell, and she turned out to be Russ’s friend Robyn. I thought that was pretty cool. Right now, I’m at my mom’s house for my brother’s birthday. He’s 12 today!