f a s h i o n | s t u f f
1. where is your favorite place to shop: Um… Circle of Concern thrift store? T_T
2. have any tattoos or piercings?: Nope
3. what is your favorite thing to wear?: underwear!!! um and jeans, white tshirt, shirts that resemble bowling shirts, socks, suit coat
4. what is a must have accessory?: “Belt.” Yay for Kwissy’s answers
5. how much is the most you’ve ever spent on a single item of clothing?: $250 maybe?
7. who is the most fashionable person you know?: I don’t know!
8. who is the least fashionable person you know?: I don’t know!
9. do you match your belt with your hair color?: Nope
10. what is the worst thing you’ve ever thought looked good? If I think it looks good, then it isn’t bad
11. what are you wearing right now?: black socks, jeans, underwear, tshirt, green shirt
13.what is the worst trend you see today?: “Scarves.” Kwissy, what?! I like scarves… T_T
s p e c i f i c s
1. do you do drugs? Yes, I’m a crack addict. I mean no.
2. what kind of shampoo do you use?: Suave Naturals
3. what are you most scared of?: Potato bug
4. what are you listening to right now?: Office Space!
5. who is the last person that called you?: Gemma
6. where do you want to get married?: a church
7. how many buddies are online right now?: 52
8. what would you change about yourself?: I don’t know
9. what are essentials in your life?: People
10. if you had the power to do any one thing, what would it be? “Read people’s minds” Krissy’s idea is a good idea!
11. what nationality are you?: White. I’m half Greek… um… 1/4 italian, 1/8 polish, 1/8 irish, 1/8 english? Something like that. I don’t know
12. do you send out holiday cards each year?: Nope
h a v e | y o u | e v e r
1. given someone a bath? Nope
3. bungee jumped?: Nope
4. made yourself throw up?: When I felt sick and knew stuff needed to get out
5. skinny dipped?: Nope
6. made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: Nope
7. cried when someone died?: Yeah
8. fallen for your best friend?: Yeah
9. been rejected?: No
10. rejected someone?: Yeah
11. used someone?: Yeah
c u r r e n t
1. hair: Um…half behind my ears, half not?
2. music: Not listening to any music now
3. make-up: …none.
4. annoyance: eh…
5. scent: I smell like me!
6. favorite artist: Musical? Um… Senses Fail, My Chemical Romance, The Used, The Mars Volta, The Pillows, L’arc~en~Ciel, Liz Phair. I like how the last one seems out of place
7. desktop picture: black
8. book you’re reading: None
9. dvd in player: Allison’s movie