Alex’s, Shaun’s, CAMS

On Monday, I went to Alex’s house. We went to Taco Bell for dinner, and we watched Run Lola Run and Shaun of the Dead. Both were really good movies. Gemma called that night, having to pay $1/min to talk to me. I hung out with Alex on Tuesday, and we decided to go see Shaun that night. We went to the Pike and played DDR at the arcade. Then we drove to San Pedro, drove back, went to 7/11 for food, and then went back to Shaun’s place. Alex left, and I crashed at Shaun’s. Gem called that night again, which was very nice. I miss her… she’s having a great time though =D. Today, Shaun and I took the buss/metro to CSUDH. He had to pay a bill. Then I visited Gonzales, Almeida, Maruna, McVay, and Lewis. It was a lot of fun. We ran into Joseph there too. There’s a play at CAMS tomorrow at seven, so I’m gonna go. It’ll be cool.

1 thought on “Alex’s, Shaun’s, CAMS

  1. Jaysen

    Just wandering, did CAMS get out already? Jackie told me they did, but Toni is telling me they didn’t. If they got out already, then that cancels the CAMS trip we had in mind. And we still need to buy those toys!!!
    P.S. I miss Evenstar 208, too 🙁 And the mans*x we had…

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