Pre-Christmas Goodness

Last week, I saw Spanglish with Herbert, David, Mike, and David and Mike’s cousin (Phil, I think). It was cool to see them again. The next day, I went shopping with Gemma. It was great to see her again… I missed her as usual =D. I had a chance to buy Digital Fortress. Later, I went to Hanah’s with Herbert where we hung out with Avi. Hanah was at a show, but she came back, and we to David’s. Good times. We watched The Ring, and David told jokes about being rich that somehow didn’t seem mean. Another day, I went to La Capilla with Jay and Joseph. Tasty, good times. Afterwards we went to Joe’s where we almost played Risk, played El Dorado, and hung out. Joseph bought me a nice gift with cool pepsi wrapping paper!

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