I went to Gem’s today to play Cranium with her, Jackie and Edward. I was kind of nervous to talk to her dad again, but he seemed nice. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Jackie or Edward. Cranium is an amazingly fun game. Gemma and Jackie were on team with Edward and I on the other. We were horrible at having to hum songs, the sports questions, the movie questions… um yeah, we sucked a lot XD. But it was a lot of fun, and the charades-esque questions were very cool. I can’t believe Edward got some of the stuff that I did. And apparently when humming a song, trying to have your teammate guess it, trying to spell out the name of the song with hums (3 hums equals a C, etc.) is cheating. Yeah. Edward and I thought we just had a great strategy. Anyways… 25 hours and 45 minutes left in this year. Wow. Oh, and I got Fluffy Butt’s hat from Gem! ^_^

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