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CSE22 Project 1

Correctness: 9/10
-) You did not deal with negative wages.
-) Your “Please enter employee’s name:” appears twice when I would like to remove an employee.
+) Other parts are well done!
+) Your interface is friendly
+) Your format of ShowEmployee and DoWeeklyPayroll is nice
+) Naming is good
+) Good you have proper comments
+) Good structured. It is nice for you to break the operations for different commands into different methods.
+) Good you have all fields private


Woodhall kicked our ass today. Not that I played or anything. Patrick was really good… Benny and Gee were definitely good offensively as well. Derek, Cheryl, and Irene seemed the best at defense. It was pretty damn fun to yell crap at the other team. Okay, and my own team. Because I like talking crap at everyone. The ref told me to be nice when I called Andy four eyes. Yeah alright, I’m bored of this blogging shit. But I’m bored of everything else too. Okay bye.


I’m sitting on the ground in from ok Mike’s room. I’ve been here for three hours. Fuck this game man. I was in the common room on the first floor with Andy, Vince, Will, Patrick, and John when we saw Michael walking up. We burst out of the room after him even though a couple of us, me included, were barefoot. He got away so we came up to guard his room. No one was in his room, but the door was open so I closed it. That way, he’d have to use his key to get in. HP came out of the shower and didn’t have a key with him. I guess I had accidently locked him out. Ann (his gf not the RA) went outside and met Mike to get his key and let HP in. Patrick tried to tie her door her closed, but she came out; she was pretty pissed off. I was walking into Adam’s room from time to time to talk, and Mike started calling me to tell me to stay out of his room. It seemed he was getting bad information. Then he wanted to know where Patrick was going when he walked away. Someone was giving him information. I stood up, and he told me to sit back down. Then we realized he must be outside looking in the window. Patrick, Baker, and Vince went outside to look for him. Baker took off running towards nothing in particular. Mike thought he had been spotted so jumped out from behind a bush and took off running. So here we are still, sitting in front of this door. I’m with Patrick and Andy. Mike seems to hate me. HP hates me. Ann hates me. Fun times. Adam said I looked bored and let me borrow his DS. He had Feel the Magic and Super Mario 64 DS. I haven’t really played Feel the Magic much, but Super Mario 64 DS is definitely pretty cool. Man, this Assassin game is pretty hardcore. I hope someone from my suite wins. On Friday, I came to look for Mike, but he wasn’t in here. On the way out, I saw him about to come out of the bathroom. Bathrooms are safe zones so he wouldn’t come. I stayed with him for like three hours. I had my laptop on the ground, and he threw his damp towel on my socks and laptop, which bought him enough time to run to his room. This game is great though. Speaking of great, do you guys know Patrick? Yeah, he’s fucking awesome. And he asked me to put something good about him in here. He is pretty cool though and has helped me quite a bit. Fuck, I hope I kill this bitch soon. If not tonight, hopefully tomorrow.

Mini Zot

Pete let me borrow a computer until we can fix Zot. It’s a 2.8 GHz P4 with 512 MB of DDR RAM, 60 GB HDD, Go5200 with 64 MB of RAM, and 15.4″ monitor. It’s like a step down from my old computer.


I think Zot, my laptop, is dead. Or possibly just dying. Anyways, I’ll talk later because I don’t feel like making a long entry on a Palm.

Movie Weekend, Herbert, Jennifer, Assassin

Last weekend we watched movies on Antonio’s projector in the common room. It was pretty cool. Kioji (sp?), Andy and Vince’s friend, was in town. Russell stayed the night too one night. Herbert came over Wednesday. It was good to see him again even if he is crazy. Jennifer Damm came over; it was good to see her again. We played Katamari Damacy two player together. Loads of fun! We started playing Assassin today. Crazy shit. We just ran after my target. Will held her in place while I killed her. And some guys hunted a guy down in some other random hall when he was visiting his girlfriend. Good times. Someone from our suite better win. I spent this evening hanging out with Gemma, playing Assassin with Will, Patrick, and Kyle mainly, and coding for ICS. Fun!


Gemma and I have been together three months and one day as of today. Last night we went to see Meet the Fockers. We’d actually tried about three times before, but somehow managed to not actually see it until now. Afterwards, we ate and came back to my dorm. She seemed to enjoy Katamari Damacy. I figured she would. What an awesome game.
Happy ^_^

Classes and Junk

CSE 22 was pretty fun today. Thornton seems like a really cool guy. He’ll make a good teacher, and he likes what he does. He said he wasn’t happy programming so came to teach even though it paid less because he enjoyed it. At one point, he tried to say that he was taking off his shoes and would have to walk on the ends of his pants but accidently said that he was taking off his pants. Then he apologized a lot. Funny. And there’s wifi in the room. Very good.
My fictional writing teacher was interesting. She thinks that the ability to tell a story is the greatest thing man has achieved. I… uh… don’t think so. But I guess she should like what she does, right? She hung a scarf over an overhead projector and asked us to freewrite on it for 10-15 minutes. God, what have I got myself into?
Went to the ARC with Gemma and Jon today. I had a good time. You should see that guy go at the punching bag. Damn. A lot of anger in that dude, lol. Gemma and I rolled across the ground for a while, which was really fully. Yeah, you had to have been there. And ping pong! Lots of ping pong! I’m a fan of that.
And tonight, when I was walked Gem back to her dorm, we saw a raccoon! And it was cute! Yeah, but then we lost it. It ran away I guess; we were confused. Okay, bye.

Winter quarter

I went to Gem’s physics class super early today. I only had one class of my own today… Math 2J… linear algebra and infinite series. Yeah… it was a 3:00 class (or 2:00 or something… whatever it wasn’t early) yet I still slept through it. Yay for me.


There was a shindig today (yesterday)! Russell picked me up and we drove to Rolling Hills. We hung out and waited for people to arrive. It was freezing, lol. Kamal, Ryo, Genevieve, Jon, Judy, Nina and Chris showed up, and we all hung out for a while. While we were buying tickets for The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Cheryl, Gian, Linh-Nam, and William showed up. I got a Christmas gift from Cheryl, and it was very nice of her to give me something! The movie was pretty good. Not great, but definitely good. It had a really weird style to it. I think it’ll grow on me. Afterwards, we went to Starbucks. We got kind of bored of that though and decided to see another movie. Kamal, Gian, and Cheryl left, and the rest of us saw Closer. We were about 15 or 20 minutes late for the movie… I don’t know how much we actually missed because of the previews, but I think we may have missed something important. Even so, the movie was really good. I’d like to see it again, and I’d be willing to pay to do so. Yeah, really good. And come to think of it… I don’t know of Ryo and Genevieve stayed for Closer. Um, hm. Anyways, afterwards there was some debate as to who would take Chris home, but Russell gave us both rides home. Good times!

Gemma’s, Andrei, and Being Home

I went to Gemma’s today and played Cranium with her, Jackie, Carrie, Joseph, and Edward. It was a lot of fun. We also watched Allison’s movies and movies Gem’s brother made. Near the end, I played Tony Hawk with her brother. It’s always good to see Gem. Come to think of it, I forgot something that she was going to let me borrow. Oh well.
My brother had come home while I was at Gem’s. I got home and found that he decided to clean his room, the room I was staying in. I specifically told Dad to tell him I was sorry it wasn’t clean and that I’d clean it. I couldn’t find a bottle cap that was important to me, but James and I looked for it together and found it. Then I decided it would be good to take a look in the trash bag. He threw out the box the Build-A-Bear came in that Gemma bought me… the box she colored in and stuff. He also threw out the bear’s tag. I really freaked out. I haven’t been so mad in a long time. The box was crushed, torn, and wet from something. I yelled and cussed a lot, and Dad came and took James into his room. I stood for a while gripping the bed, screaming and trying to break anything or hurt myself. I don’t know why he thinks he can touch my stuff. I understand that this is his room, but I don’t have a room here; my dad took it. He does stuff like give me a shelf, and then the next day, he’s moved all my stuff because he decided I should have a different shelf. God, I hate living with people so much.
Andrei picked me up, and we went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Afterwards, we sat in his car and he showed me Halo 2. Cool stuff. I wasn’t really calm yet though. I just felt so angry/sad/frustrated/stressed. Then we went to the South Bay Galleria to see Flight of the Phoenix. The theater was almost empty, and it was a good movie. The movie got out around midnight, and he took me home. The whole night was on him, which was very nice of Andrei. It was good to see him again.
When I got home, I looked at the box again to see just how bad it was. I know it shouldn’t bother me this much, but it does. I felt sick to my stomach all night. When I started looking at it again, I couldn’t help but cuss out loud once more. I threw up just a little in my throat. And my dog shit in the house again tonight. She seems to be doing so all the time now. This just adds a new smell to the already smelly place. There are buckets all over the house to catch leaks in the roof. I don’t like it here, but I don’t really like the dorms either. Someday I’ll have my own place. When I came home New Year’s Eve night / early New Year’s Day morning, it wasn’t even 1:00 AM before I had screamed at my brother and fought with my dad. My brother wasn’t even here. I did it over the phone. And I fucking swear, I called because I intended to wish him a happy New Year.
Rant aside, it was nice to see Jackie, Carrie, and Edward again. It was the first time I had hung out with Joseph, and he seems like a cool guy. I hadn’t seen Andrei since summer… I’m glad I got to see a good friend again. And of course, it’s always wonderful to see Gem.
And now she just called 🙂
Hopefully I’ll calm down soon.

Jon on Fixing a Torrent

[01/01/2005-02:14:30] TheUser: So does that torrent work for people?
[01/01/2005-02:14:36] TheUser: Because it doesn’t for me
[01/01/2005-02:14:37] Jonathan: we’ve got our top experts working on it
[01/01/2005-02:14:43] TheUser: okay just wondering if it was me or not
[01/01/2005-02:14:43] TheUser: lol
[01/01/2005-02:14:46] Jonathan: top experts, peter.
[01/01/2005-02:15:01] TheUser: so that’s like… you and Gian?
[01/01/2005-02:15:35] Jonathan: more like i’m sending it to ryo over aim to handle this shit
[01/01/2005-02:15:41] TheUser: haha

New Years

I spent the evening with Gemma tonight! We went downtown and thought about watching Meet the Fockers but ended up just walking around/near the Pike. We had dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp, which was very good. After dinner, we went to a little balcony place for looking out to the harbor. We split a bottle of Martinelli’s Sparking Apple Cider and waited for the coming new year. It was a lot of fun! I’m so glad I got to spend it with her. I wish the night hadn’t had to end.

New Years

Happy New Years everybody!
Good bye 2004!
I really think 2004 has been the best year of my life. So many wonderful things have happened… and so many important changes were made. For everyone who’s been a friend to me this past year: thank you. I hope 2005 will be just as great.