Jon on Fixing a Torrent

[01/01/2005-02:14:30] TheUser: So does that torrent work for people?
[01/01/2005-02:14:36] TheUser: Because it doesn’t for me
[01/01/2005-02:14:37] Jonathan: we’ve got our top experts working on it
[01/01/2005-02:14:43] TheUser: okay just wondering if it was me or not
[01/01/2005-02:14:43] TheUser: lol
[01/01/2005-02:14:46] Jonathan: top experts, peter.
[01/01/2005-02:15:01] TheUser: so that’s like… you and Gian?
[01/01/2005-02:15:35] Jonathan: more like i’m sending it to ryo over aim to handle this shit
[01/01/2005-02:15:41] TheUser: haha