Classes and Junk

CSE 22 was pretty fun today. Thornton seems like a really cool guy. He’ll make a good teacher, and he likes what he does. He said he wasn’t happy programming so came to teach even though it paid less because he enjoyed it. At one point, he tried to say that he was taking off his shoes and would have to walk on the ends of his pants but accidently said that he was taking off his pants. Then he apologized a lot. Funny. And there’s wifi in the room. Very good.
My fictional writing teacher was interesting. She thinks that the ability to tell a story is the greatest thing man has achieved. I… uh… don’t think so. But I guess she should like what she does, right? She hung a scarf over an overhead projector and asked us to freewrite on it for 10-15 minutes. God, what have I got myself into?
Went to the ARC with Gemma and Jon today. I had a good time. You should see that guy go at the punching bag. Damn. A lot of anger in that dude, lol. Gemma and I rolled across the ground for a while, which was really fully. Yeah, you had to have been there. And ping pong! Lots of ping pong! I’m a fan of that.
And tonight, when I was walked Gem back to her dorm, we saw a raccoon! And it was cute! Yeah, but then we lost it. It ran away I guess; we were confused. Okay, bye.