Movie Weekend, Herbert, Jennifer, Assassin

Last weekend we watched movies on Antonio’s projector in the common room. It was pretty cool. Kioji (sp?), Andy and Vince’s friend, was in town. Russell stayed the night too one night. Herbert came over Wednesday. It was good to see him again even if he is crazy. Jennifer Damm came over; it was good to see her again. We played Katamari Damacy two player together. Loads of fun! We started playing Assassin today. Crazy shit. We just ran after my target. Will held her in place while I killed her. And some guys hunted a guy down in some other random hall when he was visiting his girlfriend. Good times. Someone from our suite better win. I spent this evening hanging out with Gemma, playing Assassin with Will, Patrick, and Kyle mainly, and coding for ICS. Fun!