I’m sitting on the ground in from ok Mike’s room. I’ve been here for three hours. Fuck this game man. I was in the common room on the first floor with Andy, Vince, Will, Patrick, and John when we saw Michael walking up. We burst out of the room after him even though a couple of us, me included, were barefoot. He got away so we came up to guard his room. No one was in his room, but the door was open so I closed it. That way, he’d have to use his key to get in. HP came out of the shower and didn’t have a key with him. I guess I had accidently locked him out. Ann (his gf not the RA) went outside and met Mike to get his key and let HP in. Patrick tried to tie her door her closed, but she came out; she was pretty pissed off. I was walking into Adam’s room from time to time to talk, and Mike started calling me to tell me to stay out of his room. It seemed he was getting bad information. Then he wanted to know where Patrick was going when he walked away. Someone was giving him information. I stood up, and he told me to sit back down. Then we realized he must be outside looking in the window. Patrick, Baker, and Vince went outside to look for him. Baker took off running towards nothing in particular. Mike thought he had been spotted so jumped out from behind a bush and took off running. So here we are still, sitting in front of this door. I’m with Patrick and Andy. Mike seems to hate me. HP hates me. Ann hates me. Fun times. Adam said I looked bored and let me borrow his DS. He had Feel the Magic and Super Mario 64 DS. I haven’t really played Feel the Magic much, but Super Mario 64 DS is definitely pretty cool. Man, this Assassin game is pretty hardcore. I hope someone from my suite wins. On Friday, I came to look for Mike, but he wasn’t in here. On the way out, I saw him about to come out of the bathroom. Bathrooms are safe zones so he wouldn’t come. I stayed with him for like three hours. I had my laptop on the ground, and he threw his damp towel on my socks and laptop, which bought him enough time to run to his room. This game is great though. Speaking of great, do you guys know Patrick? Yeah, he’s fucking awesome. And he asked me to put something good about him in here. He is pretty cool though and has helped me quite a bit. Fuck, I hope I kill this bitch soon. If not tonight, hopefully tomorrow.